Listen to Lera Lynn’s Song from True Detective “Down Will Come”


Lera Lynn, the spirit that haunts True Detective’s second season has turned out to be something of a fan favorite. Lynn took a breather the third episode of True Detective, “Maybe Tomorrow,” in which Ray and Frank don’t go to their usual joint. That was the first time that Lera Lynn did not appear in True Detective season two as the bar’s entertainment, and so far it’s the only time.

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Lynn made a reappearance on True Detective last Sunday during “Down Will Come,” and, as per usual, debut a new song of hers. This song, “It Only Takes One Shot” is now streaming on YouTube courtesy of True Detective’s official account. Following the recent pattern, HBO has also revealed on iTunes that the track will be included on the upcoming True Detective soundtrack.

Also revealed on said soundtrack is a song from Bonnie “Prince” Billy, the first artist other than Lera Lynn to appear on the soundtrack. Lera Lynn has become a huge part of True Detective, and her absence was felt in third episode. In a recent interview with Lera Lynn that covered her work on True Detective as well as her other work, Lynn said that she started working with T. Bone Burnett last October.

This new song sounds is right in Lera Lynn’s wheelhouse. Another way to phrase that would be to say that if you aren’t a fan of her previous work on True Detective, this song likely isn’t going to change your mind. There will be a new episode of True Detective this Sunday, likely featuring Lynn and another new song.

You can stream “It Only Takes One Shot” below:

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