Poll Results: Does Leonard Cohen Fit True Detective?


The first season of True Detective set the bar very high when it comes to opening sequence. Not only does the first season have superbly designed aesthetics — being done by the same company, we’d argue that the second session does as well — but it also featured The Handsome Family’s “Far From Any Road.” It wouldn’t be going too far to say that the pairing of song and images propelled True Detective’s season one opening to one of the best ever seen on TV.

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And then there was season two.

We’d been hearing some grumbling about Leonard Cohen’s “Never Mind” and whether or not it fits True Detective. There’s even a blog dedicated to using different songs, because apparently Cohen is so objectionable. We decided to poll True Detective fans to see if they really thought Leonard Cohen didn’t fit True Detective.

The results are surprising, though not for the obvious reasons. The majority of True Detective fans believe that Leonard Cohen is a perfect fit for season two and wouldn’t change it. Even though it won with a strong majority, it wasn’t a landslide like what we saw with our Lera Lynn poll. There are still plenty of people who are just okay with the choice, and even those that outright can’t stand it.

Still, the majority are quite happy with the pairing of Leonard Cohen and True Detective. For what it’s worth, we are also pro Leonard Cohen. We’ve included the intro to True Detective season two below, just as reminder what this was all bout in the first place.

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