HBO Posts Odd Colin Farrell Interview Meme Piece


It’s no secret that True Detective doesn’t have a vested interest in communicating with fans. That may be a tad extra harsh considering their activity at HBO Connect, but it is what it is. A few weeks ago True Detective released a short interview clip featuring Vince Vaughn discussing his role as Frank Semyon. It was a nice, albeit short, piece of content for fans to chew on.

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HBO and True Detective have done it again, but not in the same way. And certainly not in any user-friendly way, either. Earlier today the official True Detective Twitter alerted fans to “Colin Farrell Discusses Ray and Frank’s Face-off.” But those expecting a video or an easily digestible article are going to be disappointed. And perhaps even confused.

Instead of a clip or article, True Detective fans can read a short interview with Colin Farrell spread over several meme-like pictures. In fact, it is most likely an attempt to spread some officially created True Detective memes out there. On that front, perhaps it’s not such a bad idea.

But it is a tad boggling why HBO would not continue creating behind the scenes clips like what we saw with Vince Vaughn. To get the whole story, you have to head over to the True Detective Facebook and click on each picture individually. It’s not a great experience. To make things even more strange and awkward, Colin Farrell doesn’t actually all that much to say about the scene.

Farrell actually has more to say about Ray in general, such as that he doesn’t really think Ray’s life would be any different if he hadn’t acted on Frank’s information:

Every aspect of True Detective is tightly controlled, and so anything we get from HBO is appreciated,  but this — we’re going to go with “experiment” — would have worked much better as a video interview. True Detective season two only has two episodes left, and hopefully there will be something better than this waiting for fans at the end of it all.

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