Reminder: The True Detective Soundtrack Releases Tomorrow


Now that the second season of True Detective is over, it’s about time for HBO to release that long-awaited soundtrack. A while back we caught word of a True Detective soundtrack up for pre-order on iTunes but with no tracklist. Over time, some songs were revealed — usually after Lera Lynn premiered them during an episode. Now the full tracklist is up, and the soundtrack releases tomorrow.

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Even though the artwork for the True Detective soundtrack features only the lead characters from season two, it does actually cover some of the fist season. The main title theme from season one, “Far From Any Road” is present, as are a small smattering of other tunes. But really this just covers season two.

Even though fans have been clamoring for a dedicated season one soundtrack long after the season ended, it never materliazed. It look like this is the best we’re gong to get for now.

If you’re a bigger fan of True Detective’s season two music, you’re in luck. All of the Lera Lynn songs from season two are present, as is Leonard Cohen’s “Nevermind” and other songs heard during the course of the season. Curiously, it doesn’t appear that the soundtrack is getting a physical release. At least not for now, anyway. Amazon only has a listing for the digital version, and they don’t even have the tracklist up.

It doesn’t really feel as if this is pressing business for either HBO or True Detective, as neither have gone to any lengths to promote it. Add in the fact that it’s digital only and a certain picture is being painted. Well, at least fans can’t say that they never got the True Detective soundtrack. So there’s that.

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