A Fan Puts True Detective on Sesame Street. You Know, for the Kids. (Video)


Somehow, we forgot that HBO actually bought the rights to broadcast Sesame Street for the new few seasons. That’s crazy, right? Well, it would be if you ended up with something like that we have here. An — let’s call him intrepid — fan has combined the best of both True Detective and Sesame Street. This clip, complete with the HBO Entertainment intro, is basically True Detective with puppets.


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But it’s also so much more than that. Based off the first season, AKA the one everyone likes, it casts Rust and Marty as Sesame Street-esque puppets while somehow still keeping both the edge of True Detective and the family fun of Sesame Street. Not exactly an easy tone to pull off. The video will also educate you on the three T’s, which apparently are “Time, torture, and tiddlywinks.”

This isn’t the first time that Sesame Street and True Detective have met. It’s practically a time-honored tradition for the real Sesame Street to spoof popular shows, such as Game of Thrones and House of Cards. True Detective received the same treatment from Elmo and Cookie Monster last October in a bit with Entertainment Weekly.

There’s just something about puppets and True Detective that go together so well. You can watch the entire clip below, which you should do, because it’s a Friday and what else have you got going on?

This video may contain explicit language

Via: Reddit

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