True Detective’s T. Bone Burnett and Lera Lynn Playing a Free Chicago Festival


The music of True Detective is much-loved around these parts, and for good reason. T. Bone Burnett’s score is part of what makes True Detective tick, and the addition of Lera Lynn in season two brought new depth that went over rather well, regardless of what the general media thought. Soon you will have the opportunity to see the two to perform in Chicago, albeit not together.

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The Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival will take place in Chicago at Golden Gate Park starting October 2nd and run through the 4th. Admission will be free, so even if you have a passing interesting in either Lynn or Burnett it could still be worth your time to check it out, assuming you live in or around Chicago. The festival will feature over 100 performers over the three days.

Lera Lynn and T. Bone Burnett will be performing at separate times and separate stages, but it’s not so farfetched to cautiously expect a duet of some kind. The recently released True Detective season two soundtrack features much of their work together, some of which Lera Lynn has been performing on her own.

If you live in the area and are intending to head over, feel free to drop us a line to let us know how it’s going. It seems like it’s going to be a seriously cool event.

You can listen to the Lera Lynn True Detective tune “The Only Thing Worth Fighting For” below.

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