This Week in True Detective: Changes for Season Three Edition


Don’t let the title of this edition of This Week in True Detective fool you; we don’t know what changes season three will bring. Most, however, will readily agree that changes are needed for season three to succeed. Looking to the future wasn’t the only thing we got up to this past week — we also saw a new trailer for a Woody Harrelson movie and looked at the return of a certain car ad campaign.

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First up, we took another look at possible climates for True Detective season three. True Detective has not featured a single episode of inclement weather, and just for variety’s sake that  should be changed. Maybe snow wouldn’t be such a hot idea as it would pit True Detective back up against Fargo. Speaking of Fargo, the early reviews for season two are the exact opposite of what True Detective season two experienced.

True Detective was referenced on last Sunday’s episode of The Simpsons, though not much more than by name. The first season of True Detective continues do endure, and it’s good that season two has not lessened that season’s impact.  We saw the release of the red band trailer for Matthew McConaughey’s new movie, Triple 9which almost feels like a different take on True Detective season two. Continuing on the season one theme, the wonderfully ridiculous Matthew McConaughey Lincoln commercials have returned to us.

Looking ahead to True Detective season three, there is a need for a good villain. A serious need. By “good villain,” we mean one that is actually compelling and isn’t relegated to the background for half the season. We also looked at the possibility of season three returning to a single director, but that wouldn’t necessarily fix the problems of season two.

That’s your week in True Detective. New York Comic-Con is going on this weekend, but True Detective has yet to embrace the comic crowd. Give us a shout-out on Twitter or Facebook if you’ll be there this weekend, or if you just want to talk True Detective.

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