Poll Results: Fargo’s Premiere Trounces True Detective’s


Sometimes we conduct a poll and the results aren’t so surprising. For example, we’d been seeing widespread internet complaints that the theme song for True Detective season two wasn’t very good. We thought, deep down, that the fanbase actually liked Leonard Cohen’s contribution. It turns out we were right.

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Other times, however, things don’t exactly work out as we’d expected.

Consider this one of those times. We asked the fanbase which season premiere was better: Fargo’s “Waiting for Dutch” or True Detective’s “The Western Book of the Dead.” We asked, and the fans responded. The season premiere of True Detective season two was actually one of its strongest outings, but it wasn’t enough to beat out Fargo’s wild premiere.

Fargo’s “Waiting for Dutch” took home just over 80% of the vote. We purposefully left out a “but I liked them both!” option so that fans would be forced to choose one over the other. It’s true; “Waiting for Dutch” was a fantastic episode of television. One way to look at it is that if you’re not currently watching Fargo, you’re seriously missing out on an experience.

It will be inserting to see if True Detective fans continue to follow Fargo, and if they do, if it will outperform True Detective. That wouldn’t necessarily be difficult considering that most still consider season two of True Detective to be inferior to the first. Still, if you’re not currently watching Fargo, why not?

It’s a great show to keep off until we hear more about True Detective season three.

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