Will True Detective End After Season Three?


Even though True Detective hasn’t been officially confirmed for a third season yet, there’s no specific reason to believe that it won’t be returning. Its future after that, however, may be a bit more up in the air.   Nic Pizzolatto has previously discussed the possibility of the show ending after three seasons. Considering how much responsibility he takes onto himself with True Detective, it’s easy to see why ending after three season would be an attractive option.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

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True Detective is a concept that has legs. The question is to whether or not the show can maintain an audience and stay relevant to modern viewers. When it comes to moving forward after season three, the real question comes from whether or not Pizzolatto would feel comfortable letting others take on more responsibly so he could step back.

The series does not need Nic Pizzolatto to function. At least, not in terms of how involved he is now. There were some signs of him loosening the reins, however, during season two after a few episodes featured a co-writer. A True Detective without Nic Pizzolatto at the center of it may actually turn out to be a better show.

The plan going forward hasn’t been laid out, nor has it been openly discussed. A show like True Detective could easily run for five seasons on HBO if given the chance. With Nic Pizzolatto at the helm, it’s difficult to say if that’s realistically possible.

If there has to be a worst case scenario, hopefully it involves True Detective moving over to comics.

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