It’s Okay to Admit that True Detective Season Two Wasn’t as Good as the First


At this point, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that True Detective season two didn’t do as well critically as the first. We’re well into fall now, and thankfully the season of True Detective bashing seems to have come to an endTrue Detective deserved some criticism, there’s not really getting around that, but it also did plenty of things right that were ignored.

But it’s okay to admit that season two just wasn’t as good as season one.

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Admitting so doesn’t have to mean that season two was necessarily terrible, just that there was room for improvement. In a recent take at a film festival, the head of Anonymous Content — producers of True Detective — spoke candidly about season two’s failures.

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According to Steve Golin, the writing in season two just wasn’t up to snuff. We’re at a point now at which it’s actually refreshing to be able to a admit that fact honestly without any of the usual hyperbolic statements accompanying it.

Discussing season two’s issues doesn’t have to be construed as trashing it. If Golin can be upfront about it, so can we. True Detective season two was a bit of a mess, but in that same talk, Golin casually mentions True Detective season three. One of the biggest weaknesses and strengths of True Detective is that it resets each season.

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So, yes, True Detective season two was not as good as season one. Season three, however, could be even better than both.  Wouldn’t that be nice?