Will Matthew McConaughey Join Stephen King’s The Dark Tower?


Matthew McConaughey has had his hands full since True Detective ended, and not with just mainstream movies. He’s lined up a solid roster of independent films, and will be starring in his first animated role next year. Even though he still hasn’t taken a bite of the superhero genre, something possibly as major and certainly more sinister may be on the horizon.

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According to The Wrap, Matthew McConaughey was officially offered a major role in the film adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series. McConaughey apparently has the honor of being offered both the hero and villain roles. Or anti-hero, really, in the case of the Gunslinger. Unnamed sources close to the situation told The Wrap that McConaughey is leaning more towards the villainous Man in Black.

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It’s not often Matthew McConaughey goes up for a villain role. The closest he’s ever come is the occasional anti-hero like in Mud. Seeing McConaughey as the Main in Black has a certain appeal to it, and it’s something he could pull off quite well. This isn’t the first time that  Matthew McConaughey has been involved with a Stephen King project.

A while back Matthew McConaughey was up for the role in a new adaptation of The Stand, another Stephen King novel — also his best one. That was to be as the villain as well, but not much has been heard about that for almost a year. It’s possible that his involvement in The Stand evolved into being offered this new role, or perhaps he’ll end up taking on both.

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Various studios have been attempting to turn The Dark Tower series into a movie for some time. It stands as the only novel series that Stephen King has written, and there was a break of twelve years in between the fourth and fifth novels.