Report: Nic Pizzolatto is Sticking with HBO


Even though HBO has not exactly, technically, renewed True Detective for season three, we have confirmation from other sources that it is actually happening. HBO will reveal that bit of information when it’s good and ready, but until then we have something new to chew on. Or at least some new news that could potentially lead to something.

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Deadline is reporting that HBO and Nic Pizzolatto have signed a deal which keeps Pizzolatto with them until at least 2018. That’s kind of a big deal, and is not entirely unlike the deal that Cary Fukunaga signed with Paramount Television. Nic Pizzolatto’s arrangement with HBO will fund projects through 2018, but they don’t necessarily have to be True Detective.

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Deadline’s source actually doesn’t have anything to say about True Detective. Still, it would be shocking at this point if this deal didn’t result in at least one more season of True Detective.

Nic Pizzolatto has, in the past, talked about working on other projects. Some of those ideas could eventually be turned into a series at some point, but as of right now there are no details concerning specifics.

The only thing that is clear is that Nic Pizzolatto is sticking with HBO at least until 2018. True Detective season two has been off the air for several months, and this is the first hint from HBO that more may be coming.

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The foundation is officially in place for more True Detective. Of course, there is still all that waiting that we’re going to have to do.