Cary Fukunaga Could Win Big at Independent Spirit Awards


Cary Fukunaga is nominated for multiple awards at the Independent Spirit Awards.

Cary Fukunaga’s newest film, Beasts of no Nation, has been garnering some serious critical acclaim. Fukunaga has been just about everywhere promoting the film, and has sat down for interview after interview. Some of these interviews have even touched on True Detective. It seemed like a forgone conclusion that Cary Fukunaga would be a big name when it came time to discuss awards, but the latest news puts it at another level.

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The Independent Spirit Awards have announced their nominees, and Cary Fukunaga’s name appears multiple times. Beasts of no Nation could bring in some serious awards for Fukunaga, and if the Spirit Awards are anything to go by, the Oscars could offer up some gold as well.

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Cary Fukunaga is nominated for there awards: Best Director, Best Cinematographyand for Best Feature under Beasts of no Nation. That’s plenty already, but Beasts of no Nation shows up a couple of more times. Abraham Attah is nominated for Best Male Lead and Idris Elba is up for Best Supporting Male.

A few wins at the Spirit Awards and maybe even at the Oscars could propel Cary Fukunaga to director super-stardom. It’s a huge win that Beasts of no Nation is one of the movies on everyone’s minds considering that it’s a Netflix exclusive.

The Emmy’s have already opened up to streaming television, such as Amazon’s Transparent, but award shows focused on films have been a bit slower to embrace the format.

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Beats of no Nation did receive a limited theatrical release, but by and large most people saw it — and will continue to see it– on Netflix. The Spirit Awards will take place on February 27th and be broadcast live on IFC.

Via: Deadline