Marvel Announces True Detective’s Rachel McAdams for Doctor Strange


Marvel takes the time to officially announce what we’ve already known about Rachel McAdams.

Rachel McAdams will be joining up with Marvel for Doctor Strange. That’s not actually news, but that didn’t stop Marvel from announcing it in a post on their official website. We’ve actually known for a while that Rachel McAdams would be joining Doctor Strange for some time. Especially after she, you know, confirmed it herself.

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More than confirming Rachel McAdams, the post is really about Doctor Strange going into production to meet its November 6th, 2016 release date. Marvel unfortunately does not detail McAdams’ role, so that piece of the puzzle is going to have to remain a mystery for now.

Starring in a Marvel movie could drastically change Rachel McAdam’s career, especially if she will play a character that will show up in other Marvel movies.

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It’s the sort of change that Matthew McConaughey isn’t quite interested in just yet. McConaughey may not want to play ball with Marvel — or DC for that matter — but his recent acting choices have been very interesting. 

While it’s nice to see that Doctor Strange is moving forward, there’s really not all that much to see here. Every time Marvel details a new movie, however, it ends up being a big deal in general. Doctor Strange represents another branch of the Marvel machine Cinematic Universe that will likely mean even more cameos to keep track of.

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Rachel McAdams is slated for a lead role, but besides that we don’t know anything else. It wouldn’t be such  bad thing to see her end up with powers and abilities of her own.