This Week in True Detective: Post Thanksgiving Edition


This Week in True Detective brings the best of True Detective news from the past week.

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and that means Black Friday is also ever. Fear not, dear shopper, for Cyber Monday is just around the corner. Hopefully there were some lucky fans out there who were able to snag a good deal on the first season of True Detective. At least Amazon and Target had some nice deals on it. But enough about that.

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News broke that Fargo was renewed for a third season even before it has finished airing. That left us wondering where, exactly, True Detective currently sits. There have been so many sings pointing to season three that it’s practically just a formality for HBO to renew it publicly.

True Detective also headed to its very first Record Store Day. The soundtrack on vinyl made its debut during Record Store Day’s Black Friday event. It will also receive a wide release, so don’t stress if you weren’t able to make it over to your local record store to snag a copy.

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Marvel announced that Rachel McAdams would be officially joining Doctor Strange, which is something we’ve actually known for several months. What would have been serious news is if they talked about her role, which they unfortunately did not do.

The big news of the week came, once again, from Cary Fukunaga. Fukunaga’s newest film, Beasts of no Nation, is already racking in award nominations. The film is nominated several times over at the Independent Film Spirit Awards, and so is Fukunaga himself. If this keeps up there is good chance that he could be looking at an Oscar this year.

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Finally, we took a look at what True Detective would need do to properly hype fans for season three. It’s a more nuanced problem than one would think. And as always, if you want to dish about True Detective, Twitter and Facebook are your best bet.