Why Don’t More Actors Talk About Working on True Detective?


What happened to all the actor interviews we expected at the end of True Detective season two?

It’s widely known by this point that True Detective is an extremely private, suffocating production. While True Detective season two was shooting it was no surprise that nobody had all that much to say about. They couldn’t, for one thing. Back then it was semi-expected that many of the actors behind season two would give interviews talking about their experiences after the season had finished airing.

But that never happened.

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Life just moved on as normal. Rachel McAdams signed up with Marvel and Colin Farrell is becoming a wizard. There were never any serious, deep interviews with the actors about either their characters or the show as a whole. Really, the closest we got were short little interview clips that were taken during filming that HBO put up after certain episodes aired. They will also likely become interesting, yet un-essential extra material on the home release.

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True Detective season two had a lot going on in the shadows, and was therefore a tad convoluted. Why didn’t the actors talk much about their roles on the show, or is the issue that they were never approached? True Detective season two wasn’t exactly widely embraced, and it’s possible that there wasn’t enough interest after it was all over.

Still, that’s not very likely. Even those that felt season two was a train wreck would probably still want to hear about the process from the actors themselves. It’s also possible that there are some lingering effects from an NDA, but that wouldn’t explain total radio silence.

It has become just another part of True Detective’s hidden cogs. It’s as if the True Detective actors would rather just move on that discuss the show. In interviews about their more recent or upcoming work True Detective doesn’t appear or is a non-starter.

Next: Nic Pizzolatto as a professor.

Fans are being forced to move on from True Detective season two whether they like it or not.