Cary Fukunaga Sits Down for a Conversation with Michale Moore


For his potentially most personal interview, Cary Fukunaga sits down with Michael Moore.

Cary Fukunaga interviews are practically a dime a dozen at this point. The True Detective director has been talking about not only True Detective, but his new film Beasts of no Nation for the past several months. Beasts of no Nation is also up for a slew of awards at the Independent Spirit Awards. This particular interview, however, is different from all the others.

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Cary Fukunaga sat down with documentary filmmaker Michael Moore for Interview magazine. That’s certainly not something that happens too often, but that’s part of the charm of Interview. The interview itself is long and wide-reaching, covering Cary Fukunaga’s career and his influences.

But let’s get right to the juicy bits. At Moore’s urging, Fukunaga revisits the idea of directing True Detective season two and just how much work the first season was:

"“I had nothing to do with Season 2. And I haven’t seen it yet. But I think it was also set up for far too high expectations…I had never planned on doing Season 2. I don’t even think I realized how much work Season 1 would be. But I try not to do the same thing twice. And I definitely would never have done two seasons of the same show.”"

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The success of True Detective’s first season didn’t do season two any favors. It would have had to have been better, or within an acceptable deviation of “almost as good.” At least for now, Cary Fukunaga is done with True Detective. It would be truly interfering to find out his actual thoughts on the second season, but he has said multiple times that he has no plans on watching it.

When it comes to the future, Fukunaga wants to try something different:

"“I have a musical I want to do for the stage. I have a couple TV projects that are moving forward, and then a couple more dramas. I have aspirations of making a big, historical epic. I don’t know if I’ll ever get the money to do it, but you know, somewhere in the Napoleon-sphere, somewhere in the Civil War, or maybe World War I.”"

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Yes, that’s correct, Cary Fukunaga would like to do a musical. Why not? This only barely touches on the full content of the piece, so if you have any lingering interest in Cary Fukunaga’s work or life — and his malaria — now is your chance.