True Detective Celebrated in Illustration for 2015 (Photo)


True Detective has made an appearance in an excellent illustration for 2015 pop culture.

True Detective season two may be getting no love from the upcoming award season, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not appreciated. Whether or not it’s appreciated for the right reasons is another matter. Media outlets are starting to celebrate the best and worst of 2015, and it’s no surprise that True Detective has been on the worst side.

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Regardless of how people felt, or continue to feel, about season two of True Detective, it’s impossible to say that it wasn’t a large part of the conversation when it came to popular culture this year. People are still talking about it.

It’s with that spirit in mind that Beutler Ink has posted a fantastic tribute to pop culture as it existed throughout 2015, and True Detective gets fairly represented. Check out the piece below:

You can click on the pic for a larger view, which you are defiantly encouraged to do. There’s a smorgasport of pop culture in view, and True Detective gets a nice representation. A bloodied Frank can be seen standing with the Crow Man, and the detail is so fine that you can even see Frank’s bloody footprints.

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In case you’re having trouble spotting the duo, they’re behind the Minions and next to the Reddit alien. It’s refreshing to see True Detective season two referenced in even a  neutral light, which is actually kind of sad.

Whether or not you personally dug what Nic Pizzolatto was attempting to do in True Detective season two, it was a hot topic for its entire run and deserves to be recognized as such.

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