What Happened to all the True Detective Season Three Rumors?


After a few True Detective season three rumors, the well has apparently dried up for now.

True Detective season three is happening. There have been more than enough hints to confirm it for the fans, but HBO still hasn’t given it the official stamp of approval. Even in a recent piece with Variety, True Detective season three is listed as “close to renewal.” But all that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be rolling in season three rumors by now.

So why aren’t we?

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Soon after season two ended, fans were treated to a couple of rumors for True Detective season three. At that point it felt like it was actually to soon to get the rumor mill going. Maybe that lack of proper appreciation has cosmically led us to the current drought. What happened to season three taking place abroad? That rumor has gone nowhere, which is a shame because it seemed so ripe for the picking.

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Nina Dobrev was also rumored to star, but who knows if that actually turned out to be true. There have been no other rumored actors for season three. No actors, locations, or plot points. Since True Detective isn’t officially renewed, perhaps there either isn’t enough interest in season three rumors or everything is shut down especially tight.

There is also the possibility that season two, which has been seeing some rekindled hate, is to blame for the lack of season three rumors. True Detective’s outing ruined a lot of goodwill that the series had built up previously. It’s possible that this could change when HBO publicly gives it the green light.

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For now, the True Detective season three well is dry. Surely there are talks going on behind closed doors, perhaps even pre-emptive casting lists, but we’re not privy to any of it. Which isn’t too different from how it usually is with True Detective.