Fargo and True Detective Could go Toe-to-Toe in 2017


Fargo is taking 2016 off, and True Detective hasn’t gone into production yet.

We don’t know very much about what’s going on with True Detective right now. The show hasn’t been renewed — officially, at least — but all signs point to season three on the horizon. Considering that 2015 is about to end with no word on True Detective, 2016 looks like a likely year for season three to go into production.

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Similarly, season three of Fargo won’t be returning in 2016. Showrunner Noah Hawley has said that Fargo needs to shoot in the winter, and there is simply not enough time left to get it done in time to air next year. Fargo won’t be returning until 2017, meaning that it could possibly join True Detective for the first time since both aired their inaugural seasons.

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As of right now, all eyes are turned toward the third season of Fargo rather than the third season of True Detective. The reason for that is clear — Fargo’s second season was a major hit, and True Detective’s wasn’t. Potentially having both shows air in 2017 could once again heat up the rivalry, but what it really means is that fans of both would have an awesome year in TV.

Fargo has laid its plans out for all to see, which is exactly the opposite of what True Detective and Nic Pizzolatto are famous for doing. With only a couple of weeks left in 2015, it would be foolish to expect any sort of announcement from HBO concerning season three.

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January, however, is looking pretty prime.