Entertainment Weekly Skips True Detective in Online List


Entertainment Weekly spares True Detective in online ranking list.

It’s an odd sort of thing when it becomes news that something isn’t hated. That’s the current state of True Detective — it’s now newsworthy when it doesn’t show up on some 2015 worst list. Surreal stuff. There are few who would argue that the second season of True Detective was as good as the first, and for the record we are not among them.

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Entertainment Weekly, the outlet that declared True Detective to be their worst show of 2015 in their Best and Worst issue, have seen fit to skip over season two in a similar online ranking. To be fair, the two  were written by different people, and it’s perfectly acceptable for two people to have differing opinions.

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This particular list, put together by critic Jeff Jensen, lists two of the best shows of 2015 and five of the worst. True Detective, almost miraculously, doesn’t make an appearance. The best section is dedicated to what one would expect: FargoMad MenMr. Robot, and the delightful The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, among others. Hannibal  also makes a surprising appearance, considering that nobody cared about it while it was airing.

The worst section features Heroes Reborn, the already canceled Wicked City, and Amazon’s generally maligned Hand of God. No True Detective in sight. True Detective season two will surely go down as one of 2015’s most hated, and most talked about season of television.

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That will make season three all the more sweeter when it eventually comes, potentially paired with Fargo.