Jon Hamm Won’t be in True Detective Season Three. Surprise?


A representative for Jon Hamm quickly squashed rumors of the actor staring in True Detective season three.

If you’re surprised that Jon Hamm was rumored to star in True Detective season three, you’re not the only one. A rumor stating that Jon Hamm would take a role in either Fargo or True Detective season three spread quickly, though it doesn’t appear that all that many outlets have yet to pick up. Which is probably for the better, since there’s not a shred of truth to it.

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The rumor gained some traction on the internet, but Hamm’s reps were not having any of it. Someone on his team reached out to Gossip Cop to spoil the fun, denying that Hamm was circling both Fargo and True Detective. It’s not exactly clear how the rumors started, but it’s all over now. According to the original rumor, Hamm was approached by both Fargo and True Detective for a major role. Apparently that’s not the case.

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It’s actually a little disappointing that this one was squashed so quickly. We were recently bemoaning the complete lack of True Detective season three rumors since we haven’t really seen any for the past few months. Still, it feels good that at least one rumor popped up, even if it not only turned out to be nothing, but didn’t get so spread very far.

The fact that Jon Hamm would be pursued by both Fargo and True Detective is almost too good to be true anyway. Hamm recently ended an acclaimed run on Mad Men, and there’s no doubt that there are those out there after him.

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It’s a shame, since he’d be perfect for either one of those shows.