Would it be Better to Wait Longer for True Detective Season Three?


A longer wait time for True Detective season three may actually do it some good.

Thanks to a glut of year-end listsTrue Detective season two is once again fresh in everyone’s minds. That’s not necessarily a good thing, since it was originally thought that some time away from the public eye would do True Detective some good. It’s not getting the amount of time that it would need to wipe the slate clean. At least not yet.

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True Detective season three won’t be coming in 2016. That hasn’t been officially confirmed or denied, but the show hasn’t even been renewed by HBO yet. With the amount of time that the series takes to go through writing, casting, and production, there’s just about no chance that we’ll be seeing True Detective season three next year. It would take a herculean effort on Nic Pizzolatto’s part to make it happen.

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Now that 2017 is looking more and more likely, maybe that won’t be such bad thing. When True Detective was taking a long break in-between the first and second seasons, it was thought that it might actually hurt the show to be off the air for so long. Turns out that season two had other issues going on as well.

Due to the, let’s say, distaste, that the general public has for season two, a year or more in hibernation could do True Detective season three some serious good. That would be long enough for some to push season two out of their minds, or to perhaps revisit it and realize it wasn’t as bad as they thought. Besides making fans wait longer, there’s not necessarily any downside.

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A 2017 release date for True Detective season three should be embraced. Whether that’s actually an unfortunate turn of events or not is certainly debatable, but it’s tough to argue against it.