The Toronto Sun Ranks True Detective Season Two


The Toronto Sun created a list of 2015 TV. Take a guess as to which category True Detective fell in.

At this point, the second season of True Detective has made as many worst of 2015 lists as the first season made in best of lists. The complete turn around is an impressive feat, and might actually be something to be proud of in a perverse sort of way. The latest one to call foul on True Detective season two is a major outlet: the Toronto Sun.

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The Toronto Sun’s list of the worst television over 2015 doesn’t bring any real surprises and isn’t out of line. The shows that appear on it are those that either appeared on others, such as Heroes Reborn, or were generally poorly received, like The Bastard ExecutionerThe Bastard Executioner only had a single season in which to be terrible — it was canceled before the first season ended.

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The writer for the Sun make a fair argument and doesn’t come off as someone just jumping on the bandwagon, which is why this particular list is noteworthy among all of the other lists True Detective has been on. He identifies himself as someone who defended the season early on, even when his coworkers were quick to dismiss it.

Like many, season two never came together for him. But at least he attempted to give it a fair chance, which is more than others ever tried to do. We can certainly respect someone who gave True Detective season two a fair shot and it just didn’t click.

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Does it deserve to be called one of the worst shows of 2015? That’s a different sort of argument.