Watch Colin Farrell Read Mean Tweets on Jimmy Kimmel (Video)


Colin Farrell participated in the proud tradition of reading mean tweets on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Twitter can be a dark, cruel place. Having direct access to celebrities — those that choose to participate, anyway — can create some ugly situations. People have a tendency to speak their minds in the worst possible way when there is some level of anonymity involved. Couple that with celebrities that most will never see in real life, and you have a recipe for a bad time.

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That’s where Jimmy Kimmel comes in. Kimmel started a great way to turn all of that swirling negative energy into something positive by making the celebrities in question read mean tweets aloud. In case you haven’t seen it, it is often hilarious. That holds true for the latest entry, which features Colin Farrell. Farrell is forced to read aloud a mean tweet that specifically mentions him in True Detective. Check it out:

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The segment is genius, and one of the funniest things currently on late-night television. Colin Farrell is only one of many high-profile celebrities that read the cruel messages aloud. Also in attendance are Daniel Radcliffe, Elizabeth Banks, Matthew Perry, and Viola Davis, among many others.

Many have taken aim at True Detective season two, but at least it’s entertaining in this format. Entertainment Weekly may have declared True Detective as the worst show of the year, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t any fun to be had.

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Unfortunately the various celebrities are only given time to read a single tweet. There must be many more about Colin Farrell in True Detective out there.