True Detective Season Two Makes More Worst Lists


True Detective continues to make the rounds on the worst of 2015 lists.

2015 is just days away from ending, and the various lists on the best and worst of television are still coming in. They’ll likely continue to come in even after the new year rings in as well. One thing that will be true now, then, and always, is that True Detective season two is on many of these lists.

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Season two of True Detective was not well-liked, to put it mildly. In fact, Entertainment Weekly practically dedicated an entire issue to how they felt about it. That may be a bit of an over-exaggeration but they might as well have. We’re previously written about True Detective making other year-end lists, but now it has shown up on even more.

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Both Newsday and the National Post rate True Detective as a major disappointment. At least Newsday is a bit more honest about the situation, stating that season two was “victim of overblown expectations and over-rapturous love for the first season.” Though they still deem it generally bad, though they are at least relatively fair about it. They end their critique by stating that it never found proper footing and the story faltered. It’s difficult to argue with that.

The National Post also admitted that True Detective season two was partially a casualty of high expectations, but they also, amazingly, sprinkle in a little praise by saying that Colin Farrell was unjustly maligned, and that he played a “darkly hilarious, hyperbolic drunk cop.” Drunk doesn’t even fully cover it, but we’ll take it.

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This isn’t the last time that True Detective will make a worst of 2015 list. When season three does eventually roll around, hopefully it will be somewhat of a redemption.