Will HBO do Something Big for the Reveal of True Detective Season Three?


Will the reception to True Detective season two change the way HBO reveals season three?

It’s tough to say right now if True Detective is actually a big show for HBO. At one time it certainly was, but that might not be the case anymore. In terms of publicity it certainly is, even if all the recent publicity has been bad. It also is when it comes to star power. But after all is said and done with season two, how will it affect how HBO approaches season three?

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Even though True Detective’s first season brought the house down, season two had a relatively low-key reveal. To be fair, that’s what HBO has been doing with most of its shows for the past while — suddenly premiere a teaser online and let it ride for a while. Some shows, such as Game of Thrones, get a little more than others.

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But considering the current anti-True Detective climate, HBO may want to strike big next time around. It wouldn’t be terrible if they did a little more to show that season three won’t be season two. Another silent trailer-drop wouldn’t necessarily do that, but a cryptic teaser site leading up to a reveal might.

Even though we ultimately found some good in the second season of True Detective, that doesn’t mean it was perfect. Not only could a long break in-between seasons help cleanse the palate, but a different advertising approach could also revitalize the series.

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There’s likely going to be a long time until we actually see some hint of True Detective season three. In that downtime, it would do both HBO and Nic Pizzolatto some good to seriously consider how season three is going to change people’s minds.