Machinima Lists True Detective as One of the Best Shows of 2015


Machinima have seriously gone to bat for True Detective season two, calling it one of the best of the year.

Early on in True Detective season two’s run it became apparent that disliking it was going to be the cool thing to do. There were some out there that had qualms worth talking about, and the season certainly wasn’t perfect. But many others were content with just jumping on the bandwagon because it was, and remains, an easy target.

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Season two have has made what feels like a record number of “worst of” lists for 2015. Considering the reaction to season two while it was airing, this didn’t come as a surprise. What does come as a surprise, however, is that there is an outlet out there that actually really liked True Detective.

Machinima, primarily known for their video game coverage, have put True Detective on the Best list. They also have a thing or two to say about those that they feel haven’t given it a fair shot. Check it out:

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In a ten minute video, Machinima goes over some of the best shows of the year. The True Detective bit starts around 6:25. When they get to season two of True Detective, they don’t mince words. Labeling the masses that disliked the season as “bandwagon idiots” pretty much gets their point across. Check it out:

This is the most support that True Detective has gotten so far, and it’s likely to stay that way. There is something so satisfying about Machinima calling everyone out on the, frankly, unnecessary and overblown season two hate. They go not to call it “some of the most solid crime noir acting” on TV while also noting its dark, beating heart.

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It’s about time that someone showed True Detectives some love. While it’s unlikely that this will begin a trend, it just feels oh so good.

Via: Reddit