This Week in True Detective: Entertainment Weekly Edition


This Week in True Detective brings the best of True Detective news from the past week.

The big news item this past week had to do with more year-end lists coming in. From the title of this new entry in This Week in True Detective it’s probably easy to guess which publication garnered the most attention for their True Detective ranking. In case you haven’t already heard, we don’t want to spoil it for you in the introduction.

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True Detective continued to make the bad side of year-end lists, including one from the Toronto Sun. Considering the current True Detective climate, we took a look at whether or not it would be a smart thing for True Detective to have a delay in-between seasons, much like what happened with the first two.

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We were treated to a new casting rumor this week that was quickly extinguished. Jon Hamm was rumored to be wanted by both True Detective and Fargo, but representatives for Hamm wasted no time in letting the truth be known. In a bit of fun news, Colin Farrell stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! to read a mean tweet regarding his True Detective character, Ray Velcoro.

We wondered whether or not HBO would break with tradition when it comes to t hyping True Detective and do something a little different. Wouldn’t be such a and thing to do something that would differentiate season three further from season two. In terms of good news involving season two, Rachel McAdams was recognized by Salon for her role as Ani Bezzerides. In a good way.

Wondering about potential season three actors? We put together a list of twelve choice picks for True Detective season three. Not all of them may be realistic, but that’s part of the fun of these early lists. Finally, in the big news of the week, Entertainment Weekly declared True Detective season two to be the absolute worst show of 2015. Oh, yeah.

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