Fargo season 3, episode 5 live stream: Watch ‘The House of Special Purpose’ online


Gloria and Winnie piece together the clues of the murder investigation, while Emmit and Sy’s lives grow more complicated.

The lives of the main characters of the current iteration of Fargo collided in the first episode of the third season on the night of the murder of Ennis Stussy in Eden Valley, the result of petty jealousy between two brothers.

The town’s (former) police chief, Gloria Burgle, has continued the investigation surrounding the death of her stepfather and his murderer over the advice of her new boss. Her first contact with the Stussy brothers came last week when she questioned Ray due to ties to Maurice LeFay as his parole officer, immediately noticing the shared last name.

But she got an even bigger break when she bumped into the annoyingly chipper St. Cloud police officer Winnie Lopez in the restroom. Winnie shared that she was tasked with investigating a hit-and-run, which turned out to involve Ray’s Corvette that was damaged by his brother’s right-hand man, Sy. He also hit the car of a waitress, who’s now seeking payment for damages.

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Officer Lopez is able to piece things together after a talk with Sy, later informing Gloria how their two investigations are related in regards to Ray and Emmit being brothers, and the similarity between the names Eden Valley and Eden Prairie, where Emmit lives.

The two women will continue to connect the dots in “The House of Special Purpose,” with Gloria rightly arguing in the episode 5 preview that Maurice was hired by Ray to rob Emmit. Meanwhile, the Parking Lot King of Minnesota will continue to deal with the antics of his loser brother and his ex-con girlfriend.

The couple decides to film a fake sex tape where Ray will once again pretend to be Emmit so they can blackmail him by demanding $100,000 or else they send the video to his wife. However, that won’t be necessary as Emmit’s wife, Stella, is seen receiving the blackmail letter and accompanying DVD, presumably putting Emmit’s personal life in further disarray.

Unfortunately, his professional life isn’t faring much better. Varga, Stussy Lot’s newest investor, will follow up his surprise visit to Emmit’s home by threatening Sy over his interview with a cop in his office.

“It’s worst than we thought,” Sy whispers into his phone after witnessing a horrific act.

Here are the streaming details for tonight’s Fargo:

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Date: Wednesday, May 17

Start time: 10 p.m. ET

Episode: “The House of Special Purpose”

TV Channel: FX

Live Stream:  FX Now I FuboTV

Tune in to see how Nikki and Ray’s latest scheme works out, and if they’re able to get more money from Emmit.