Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Sept. 10 live stream: Watch online


John Oliver returns after two weeks off for a new episode of “Last Week Tonight.”

John Oliver has been missing from TV screens since August 20th, when he went on a brief vacation before heading into the fall stretch. Unfortunately, Last Week Tonight won’t consistently air new episodes for too long, though October looks like a full slate of fresh content.

Oliver and the show have been virtually silent on social media other than to note the tough task at hand in having to recap the past two weeks, and to remind viewers that Last Week Tonight won’t be airing at its regular time due to the extended series premiere of The Deuce and Insecure’s super-sized season finale.

While Oliver was gone, most of the news cycle focused on the growing number of hurricanes and tropical storms developing in the southern part of the U.S. and the Caribbean, including Harvey and Irma. Much was also made of President Trump’s efforts to make himself the center of attention during disaster relief efforts.

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But there’s also been several significant developments in the political world just this week, including Donald Trump Jr.’s testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee, and Trump’s surprise debt ceiling deal with Democratic congressional leaders, which left Republicans fuming.

Additionally, there’s been continued turmoil in the White House among the president’s cabinet members and advisers, and Hillary Clinton is beginning to reemerge from the shadows to promote her new book What Happened, booking several high-profile talk show appearances starting next week.

The last time we saw Oliver, he was chastising Republicans for not forcefully disavowing Trump’s response to another national tragedy, the violence at Charlottesville, and celebrated the demise of Steve Bannon, who’s giving his first public interview to 60 Minutes this Sunday night. He also explained the hazards of nuclear waste.

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Here are the live stream details for the Sept. 10th episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver:

Date: September 10, 2017

Time: 11:45 p.m. ET

Channel: HBO

Episode: Season 4, episode 23

Run time: 30 minutes

Live Stream: Stream 1 | Stream 2

Tune in tonight at a special time to see Oliver’s take on Trump’s latest antics, and to find out what his newest in-depth segment will be.