Walking Dead spoilers: We know who is dying in episode 15


Walking Dead has two episodes remaining in the eighth season and while most spoilers are limited for these final two episodes, there is one confirmed death coming this week.

While Negan was away, his army was disobeying his orders and attacking The Hilltop with the intention of killing everyone. This is bad since Negan considered the people there to be assets that the Saviors need to survive.

However, even worse was the fact that his chief lieutenant Simon was leading the charge and intentionally left Negan by himself after Rick attacked him. Simon believed that Negan could die in this case and wanted to position himself as the new leader.

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The problem here is that Negan didn’t die and he is now back.

Here is a look at one confirmed Walking Dead spoiler about a death coming in episode 15 and some more rumors of things that might be happening in this episode.

Who is dying in Walking Dead episode 15?

Never betray Negan — no matter how important you are to the Saviors as a leader. Simon will pay for betraying Negan and anyone waiting anxiously for him to pay for his crimes will get to see that this Sunday.

There is no word on how Simon dies or who kills him, but this is the week he meets his maker. Sadly, this does make it sound like Jadis won’t get to pull the trigger (she deserves it over anyone else), but maybe Negan will take him out personally.

What about Dwight?

While not totally confirmed, some new Walking Dead spoilers indicate that the person that Negan picked up at the end of last week’s episode was Laura — the woman who escaped in episode 8.

This is not good news for Dwight because Laura knows that he was working with Rick and the survivors to betray Negan. The good news is that Negan does not kill Dwight. As someone who loves to punish people for insubordination, he instead locks Dwight in the same cell that Daryl used to sit in — even wearing Daryl’s prison uniform.

There are also Walking Dead rumors that Dwight will play a huge role in the season eight finale as one of the main heroes to end the war and beat Negan and the Saviors. There will also be one other major hero, but that hero’s name is unknown at this time.

What else is happening in Walking Dead episode 15?

Aaron is still out trying to find allies to help them fight. It seems almost meaningless right now, but if he is still playing such an important role in the storyline, he has to be coming back in the season finale with more troops to save the day.

Finally, Daryl and Rosita are still setting out to try to kill Eugene to cripple Negan’s bullet making efforts. They don’t kill Eugene in this episode but they do meet up with another previous character in Sherry — Dwight’s ex-wife and the woman who helped Daryl escape.

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How will Sherry play into their plan to kill Eugene? Even more important, does she know anything that is happening right now that can help Daryl and will Eugene prove to be the second hero by creating defective bullets for the Saviors?

The Walking Dead airs Sunday night at 9 p.m. EST on AMC.