Titans: Seamus Dever will be playing Trigon for the DC Universe


A new report confirms Seamus Dever will be playing the demon Trigon in the Titans adaptation.

Fandomwire revealed earlier this week that Dever will be leading the charge as one of the bad guys in Titans. While it’s unclear if he’ll be playing the major villain for the first season, his presence alone will probably impact the plot.

It was inevitable for Trigon to eventually be introduced on the series because the demon is actually the father to Raven. The purple haired Titan has always had a combative relationship with her father in both the comics and the animated series. He is easily her greatest archenemy and a constant reminder of why she wishes to be a hero.

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However, it’s unclear what form Titans will be portraying Trigon. In an earlier interview, Minka Kelly revealed Hawk and Dove would be losing most of their “mystical powers” for a more grounded rendition of the characters. Considering Trigon is a near-immortal and massive red demon, the show might be making a few changes to him.

Also, his power levels are so high, it might be hard for the team to combat him if Titans weakens all of the stronger heroes. Then again, he has easily defeated both the Teen Titans and the Justice League in the comics, making him a formidable foe for the series.

Seamus Dever is most well-known for a longtime supporting role on ABC’s Castle. He played Detective Kevin Ryan, a loveable goofball in the precinct and a main cast member for the show’s 173 episodes. It’s probably safe to assume the character of Trigon is going to be much different compared to Ryan’s sweet naivety on the ABC procedural.

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There’s no official premiere date for Titans but it’s been hinted the first episode will be available during beta testing. However, it has been confirmed the series will be available upon official DC Universe launch sometime this fall.

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