American Horror Story gets season 10 renewal and spills details about season 8


American Horror Story was all the buzz at this year’s summer TCA’s as we learned a lot more about season 8 and learned about a season 10 renewal.

American Horror Story premieres its highly-anticipated eighth season next month, which will finally crossover past seasons of the series. Fans are ecstatic about this finally happening as it’s been rumored for a long time, and now, it’s finally happening!

Previously, American Horror Story had been picked up for seasons 8 and 9, but after creator Ryan Murphy asked for a 10th season, his wish was FX’s command. Despite making the move to Netflix, Murphy is still committed to his shows on FX which along with AHS, including PoseFeud, and American Crime Story.

According to FX Networks CEO John Landgraf, there are active developments for all the series’ so Murphy certainly has his plate full.

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Will season 10 be the last for American Horror Story? Landgraf stated he didn’t know and that would fall on Murphy and his co-creators to decide that, and whether they have new stories they are excited about telling.

Not only will season 8 feature a crossover between Murder House and Coven but at the TCA’s Sarah Paulson announced that Jessica Lange would be returning! Yes, we are so excited about this!

Lange will be returning as Constance in episode 6, which Paulson will be directing. And if you’re wondering who else is going to make a return in this season (cough, Connie Britton, cough), then rest assured Murphy has extended an invitation to everyone, so here’s to hoping!

The cast couldn’t reveal much about season 8’s Apocalypse installment except that it’s the end of the real world. Whatever that may mean, we’re all in. And while not much else was revealed during the panel, Murphy had given the cast permission to reveal their character names.

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Each actress/actor could be playing multiple roles but here is what we learned:

  • Leslie Grossman: Coco St. Pierre Vanderbilt
  • Billie Lourd: Mallory
  • Adina Porter: Dinah Stevens
  • Emma Roberts: Madison Montgomery (yes, she will return from the dead)
  • Kathy Bates: Miss Meade
  • Sarah Paulson: Venable, Supreme witch Cordelia Goode (Coven) and psychic Billie Dean (Murder House)

Season 8 is currently in production and will premiere September 12th on FX!