American Horror Story: Season 8 title has been revealed!


The end of the world is nigh with the next season of American Horror Story–according to its title anyway.

American Horror Story has a way of getting fans excited year after year especially when it comes to what the next season’s title will be. At a late night event on Thursday at San Diego Comic-Con, the title for season eight was revealed and it alludes to an “end of all days” type plot. Oh, the name of season eight? Apocalypse.

Not only does the title give a creepy vibe to where the story may be taking us in season eight, but the Twitter announcement is even more freaky and disturbing, which is absolutely expected when it comes to Ryan Murphy’s style and what American Horror Story is known for. Take a peek below at the tweet announcement!

A monstrous, nightmarish hand reaching out to a baby seemingly covered in blood? Sounds about right for American Horror Story–wouldn’t you say? As Deadline put it, “Rosemary’s Baby, anyone?”

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As Murphy has announced previously. season eight will finally bring some of the other seasons together in a cross-over, which us fans have been waiting years for. The cross-over will be between Murder House (season one) and Coven (season three). Does this mean we may see Connie Britton?! Uh, we sure hope so, especially considering she isn’t on Murphy’s other show, 9-1-1.

"“It’s a season unlike anything we’ve done because there’s a big hook to it. There’s a huge thing that happens in episode 5.”"

Ok, Murphy has our full attention with that comment.

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Season eight will take place in the not-so-distant future according to DeadlineThe cast members set to return include Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Kathy Bates, Billie Lourd and Adina Porter, who are amongst some of Murphy’s favorites from seasons past. Joan Collins will be joining the cast for the first time this season and is playing the grandmother to Peters’ character, who is playing a “comedic hairdresser”.

American Horror Story: Apocalypse will premiere on FX on September 12th!