Single Parents season 1, episode 10 recap: The Magic Box


The single parents tackle the holidays!

On the midseason finale of Single Parents, we’re treated to a holiday special. It’s Christmas on “The Magic Box” and most of the kids couldn’t be more overjoyed. Unfortunately, the holidays bring a lot of stress and emotions for the parents. It feels pretty true to what parents must actually deal with since Christmas means making their kids have the best morning ever. This episode flies by quickly and romance seems to be blossoming despite their less than perfect holiday.

The families all gather so their kids can tell Santa their wishes this year. Understandably, the twins have an eccentric list but they’re still enjoying the holiday. Meanwhile, Graham’s faith in Santa is shaken following his ex’s truth bomb about how impossible it is for him to reach every house in the world. There’s always that kid in someone’s class. At least Sophie is still excited because every Christmas her mother sends a magic box full of the best presents ever. Shockingly, Will has never given Sophie a great Christmas gift, which Angie remarks is immediately suspicious. Meanwhile, Poppy struggles with spending the holiday alone since Rory is with his father in Hawaii.

Angie typically has a pretty relaxed holiday since Graham is content with receiving Legos and he writes his mom a cute short story about the two of them. Unfortunately, those plans unravel when her sort-of boyfriend Owen shows up in a Santa costume and a gift. She wasn’t sure where the two are in their relationship and she didn’t get him anything. Immediately worried, she jets off to Will’s house to sift through his stuff for the perfect gift.

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Meanwhile, Will is spending his evening doing some Christmas wrapping. However, Angie calls out that the notion Will would get his daughter unbranded beef jerky is ridiculous. Finally busted, he admits his ex-wife never gets Sophie anything she’s actually interested in. However, his daughter gets so excited for the gifts that he doesn’t have the heart to disappoint her. Which means every holiday she thinks Will is doing a terrible job so that she can believe her mom can still make her dreams come true. It’s a small sacrifice to put a smile on Sophie’s face.

Naturally, Angie thinks that the whole plan is ridiculous. She thinks Will should be allowed to have a great holiday one year instead of covering up for his ex-wife. Will quickly retorts she’s the one with real Christmas problems. She didn’t get her boyfriend a gift, and she seems to be struggling with introducing him to Graham. While Will was only suggesting Owen and Angie talk, she takes it as a reason to break up with him.

Things aren’t so easy though. When Angie comes home, Graham has woken up and is grilling Owen, still in his Santa suit. Poor Owen can barely stutter out an answer since Graham refuses to take simple yes or no answers at face value. In fact, Graham has even called in backup in the form of Miggy. It’s hilarious to see the recurring question arise whether Miggy actually believes Santa is real. Nevertheless, Owen is able to charm both of them and Graham enthusiastically hugs “Santa”. Everything ends will for Angie and Owen, who have a serious chat about their relationship and decide to become official.

Meanwhile, Douglas decides to invite Poppy along to his Christmas on this episode of Single Parents. At his country club, there’s a Christmas fight club which everyone competes in. He needed a fourth member, and Poppy fits in immediately. However, when she misses a call from Rory, she bails to go home a cuddle with a fake Rory made out of his pajamas and couch cushions. Douglas wins the fight club event but still takes the girls to spend some time with Poppy. The two briefly hold hands before they’re interrupted, and we’re officially on board with this relationship.

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Christmas morning, everyone gathers together again to celebrate. Douglas listens to a Christmas song he hadn’t played since his wife died alongside Poppy. Will also lets Sophie think her mom got her the cool new ant farm, which Angie can barely pretend to be excited for. But he does give Angie a book full of Graham’s short stories as the perfect Christmas gift. While Single Parents might play the long game with this couple, it does seem like Will is a little disappointed to learn Angie is officially dating Owen.

Also, if Miggy does believe Santa is real, who is bringing him gifts? Do his parents sneak into the house to leave gifts from Santa to both Miggy and baby Jack? We have so many questions!

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