Single Parents season 1, episode 16 recap: John Freakin’ Stamos


The single parents deal with first crushes!

“John Freakin’ Stamos” is a huge improvement from last week’s Valentine’s Day episode while it deals with the fallout of Sophie’s revelation. Single Parents usually has Graham be the Eeyore of the group but now he’s channeling his inner player. His lines alone are hilarious, but his new persona does lead to some sweet scenes between Will and Sophie as well as Graham and Angie.

At school, Sophie is speaking with a British accent and acting like nothing is wrong. Douglas immediately sells her out to Will about her crush on Graham. Will being Will is quick to offer his support but Sophie isn’t quite ready to deal with it. Of course, the twins are within earshot and pass along a note with the new gossip. The news reaches Graham, who is shocked and unsure how to deal with it since he’s currently dating Louisa.

Sophie is mortified and does what any reasonable person would: hide under a mountain of stuffed animals. Will once again tries to console her and promises it’s not that big of a deal. When that fails, he decides to set up a playdate with Graham to prove they can still be friends. However, when Graham shows up it’s like he’s a new person. Gone is the sweet Graham and here is a guy with a popped collar, puka shell necklace, and spiky hair.

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As expected, the playdate goes horribly. Graham is acting like a cast member from the Jersey Shore and he only wants to know what Sophie “digs” about him. He heads outside to tan while Sophie flees to her room. Will calls Angie, who’s furious to be dragged away from her day drink, to pick up her son. There, he accuses her of being too hands-off with this situation and Sophie is paying the price. However, Angie points out that they can’t meddle in their kids’ crushes. If Graham doesn’t reciprocate Sophie’s feelings than he shouldn’t be punished for it.

When she returns home though, she finds Graham making a list of girls that he would like to date. Suddenly, she realizes her son could be turning into a tiny little jerk. Single Parents has a touching moment where she tells him that she won’t allow him to grow up to be like the guys she’s dated. It turns out Graham doesn’t want to be a jerk either, he just didn’t know how to cope with the newfound attention. He isn’t sure what the girls want from him and Angie encourages him just to be himself.

Meanwhile, Will finally admits to Sophie that he has no idea what to say or do to make things better. She just needed him to stop trying to fix things and spend time with her. He also offers to set up Sophie with Gabe because his dad writes for Gotham. Are the Single Parents writers fans of Gotham? The series isn’t even on ABC but it’s gotten quite a few shoutouts throughout this season. By the time they head back to school, Sophie announces she has a crush on a different guy and Graham apologizes for being a jerk. Douglas also intercepts the twins’ latest note about Sophie before it can reach its destination.

In the B-Plot, Poppy struggles to adjust to the idea that Rory could soon have a third parent. She spends her free time gossiping with Rory regarding her ex-husband’s Ron’s escapades. However, it turns out Ron’s latest girlfriend, Sharon, is actually moving in. Shocked to learn about this from her son, Poppy marches over there and demands an explanation.

SINGLE PARENTS – “John Freakin’ Stamos” (ABC/Eric McCandless)

It turns out that Sharon and Rory are actually getting along even if the former is a bit of an airhead. She doesn’t know anything about parenting and Poppy is ready to educate her. She invites her out to the Wineberry and tells her about all of the hardships of being a mother to Rory. This gambit succeeds and Sharon winds up dumping Ron out of fear of becoming a parent. Ron tells Poppy that Rory genuinely likes her and to please fix the situation. He points out that Sharon has a big heart and what’s the harm of having another person who loves Rory?

Poppy heads to Sharon’s trampoline class and apologizes for her actions. The two bond and eventually, she’s able to convince Sharon to return to Ron. Later, Poppy also tells Rory she won’t gossip about Ron’s girlfriends anymore because it makes it seem like it’s not okay for him to like any of them. Just as they agree to stop, Ron and Sharon come bursting in to announce they’re engaged! Looks like Rory might actually be getting a new stepmother sooner rather than later.

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Finally, Miggy and Douglas get a very minor plot in this week’s Single Parents. After Zara blocks him on Instagram, Miggy realizes it’s time to move on. Douglas agrees to remove his tattoo but upon hearing about the background behind it, decides to leave the “Z”. If this was a normal breakup, it would make sense for Zara to cut off social media contact. However, she shares a baby with Miggy and the two will be in each other’s lives forever. It’s a bit weird for her to make the choice to cut him out but at least Miggy can finally move on.

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