Single Parents season 1, episode 17 recap: Summer of Miggy


The single parents deal with growing older!

Shockingly, “Summer of Miggy” actually puts the titular character in the forefront and highlights how he’s beginning to grow. In the pilot, he was still grappling with the hardships of parenting and dreaming of a life without Jack. However, he’s undergone a bit of development on Single Parents where he can’t imagine not raising Jack. While he tries to recapture his old party days, Miggy realizes he might prefer his life now.

Summer of Miggy

Hanging at Poppy’s business, Miggy reveals that Jack has begun escaping his crib at night. He wants Jack to go back to staying put through the night and Will points out things are only going to get harder. In an attempt to reclaim his epic party days, otherwise known as the “Summer of Miggy”, he plans to host a rager. Poppy volunteers the group to watch Jack so he can have his party despite Douglas’ wishes.

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Before Poppy can head out to dinner with Douglas, which kind of seems like a date since they’re going to a fancy restaurant alone, she wants to check on Miggy. He’s upstairs trying to break some ice and is desperate for Poppy to help out. It turns out, he can’t reclaim his party persona because all he can think about is Jack.

She sends Douglas to play some beer pong while she tries to assist Miggy. One of his friends from back in the day is preparing to show up and she sent him a text with a “Rihanna winking gif” and a bunch of eggplant emojis. Sadly, Poppy’s help doesn’t work and Miggy can only talk about Jack again. His potential date says he’s just an “old dad” before stalking off.

Poppy tells Miggy it’s not a bad thing to be growing older. He needs to stop looking back because he’s only growing up alongside his son. Inspired by her words, Miggy announces to the party that the “Summer of Miggy” is officially over. All of his friends end up leaving except the girl who had texted because she was moved by his speech. The two agree to text one another later and Miggy decides it’s time to go hang out with his son.

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A Strong Right Bicep

The B-Plot from this week’s Single Parents has Angie get saddled with babysitting duty for all of the kids. Unfortunately, she had already planned a date night with Owen when Will drops them all off. She panics and tells Owen not to come but he shows up anyways. Turns out, he’s ready to meet Graham even if it’s not Angie’s ideal situation.

Kneeling down to introduce himself, Owen doesn’t expect Graham to be anything but pleasant. With a smile plastered on his face, Graham punches Owen right in the eye. It’s hilarious to see the twins absolutely love this new side of Graham while Sophie becomes the adult in this situation. While Angie is distracted, she orders Chinese food with Douglas’ credit card (the twins stole it) and makes sure everyone gets dinner.

Angie desperately encourages Graham and Owen to bond because she wants this night to go well. Despite her conversation suggestions like mowing the lawn, toasters, and being dudes not going over well the two do eventually get along. They play catch outside and even get excited over Owen’s knowledge of succulents. Unfortunately, Owen doesn’t pay attention and accidentally hits Graham in the head.

Thankfully, Graham is fine and he tells his mom that he does like Owen. However, he is feeling a little weird about her having a boyfriend even if he knew she couldn’t stay single forever. Angie encourages him to take all the time he needs adjusting and the night ends with Graham teaching Owen some karate moves.

They have a new problem to deal with the next morning when Graham wants to know whether or not Owen is going to marry his mom. Just another situation for Single Parents to handle!

SINGLE PARENTS – “Summer of Miggy”  The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Ron Tom)

Weather Scandals

Once again, Single Parents has absolutely no idea what to do with Rory. He gets stuck in a storyline with Will and none of the other kids even realize he’s missing until the very end. Again, the series really needs to figure out where he fits in with the rest of the group.

When the main weatherman gets injured, Will is called in to fill in. Rory sneaks in too because he wants to find a scandal in the news station. Unfortunately, all he does is antagonize Will’s boss by telling her that he called her a “hard*ss”. Even though Rory is eight, it’s shocking that Will doesn’t immediately call Poppy and have her deal with him. Rory just put Will’s career in jeopardy and child or not, that’s a huge blunder.

Nevertheless, Will is able to smooth things over and get back on the news. Rory is convinced that Will’s boss is interested in him romantically and it does seem like he reciprocates. Is a new romance blossoming on Single Parents?

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Overall, this is a pretty decent episode of the show. It’s pretty funny to see Douglas become so interested in beer pong while Graham is quickly becoming a good source of humor. Other than Rory, the show seems to have found a role for every character.

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