Broad City season 5, episode 9 recap: Along Came Molly


The penultimate episode of Broad City presents Abbi and Ilana with a chance to go to a Lil Wayne concert. They’re also selling most of Abbi’s stuff. It’s a day that will not go as planned.

This episode of Broad City opens with Ilana and Abbi crossing things off a bucket list of things they want to do before Abbi leaves New York City. This includes playing “Heart and Soul” on a piano in Washington Square Park, visiting Mark Twain’s house and taking a ferry ride to admire the skyline.

But at each stop, Ilana brings up horrible facts about each place. She talks about the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire, the Central Park Five, convicted child murderer Joel Steinberg and the simple fact that underneath the beautiful city of New York is a massive burial ground for Native American who had their land swindled from them.

Despite this, it doesn’t really seem to put that much of a damper on their day.

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This cuts to Ilana going over to Abbi’s mostly empty apartment. There’s only one week left before Abbi leaves the city. As they talk, Ilana’s nose starts to bleed for seemingly no reason.

The two work together to take Abbi’s couch down the stairs so she can sell it as part of her “stoop sale” on the sidewalk. As they go, Abbi reveals that she has planned a surprise for that night for the two of them: they’re going to a Lil Wayne concert.

Ilana, unsurprisingly, freaks out.

Abbi then says she’s going to be bringing a friend with them, Molly. Ilana is not happy about the prospect of Abbi having a new friend. But then Abbi says she means the drug MDMA when she says “molly.” It’s a drug Ilana hasn’t done, but she’s down.

Out on the street, they set the couch down. Behind them a trash guy tries to take some of Abbi’s stuff, thinking it’s part of the trash he’s supposed to pick up. Thankfully, Bevers runs in and stops him. Bevers then goes back to helping Abbi sell her stuff.

As Ilana and Abbi talk, they start reminiscing about all of the good times they’ve had on Abbi’s couch. During this, Ilana lets it slip that she made out with Bevers (though, she tries to quickly cover it up by saying it was actually someone named “Beversly”).

Ilana then decides she actually wants to keep Abbi’s couch.

Not wanting to deal with getting it to Ilana’s place right now, the two decide to leave it for their later selves to figure out before they go to the concert.

A little later, Ilana goes up to Bevers and brings up the time they made out on the couch. They joke that they’re not supposed to talk about that and giggle to themselves. Abbi asks what’s going on, but before she can get an answer, Ilana notices that the garbage truck is driving off with the couch.

They run after it. Eventually, catch up and hop on to the back, standing and holding on the handles of the truck. They decide they’ll wait until the truck stops so they can’ talk to the workers and get the couch back.

Broad City then cuts. The truck still hasn’t stopped, so Ilana and Abbi have moved to just sitting on the couch. As they talk, it’s revealed that Abbi has a strange amount of knowledge about the garbage collection business.

Finally, the truck stops. They try to get the couch out of the back themselves, but can’t. Just then, the workers catch them and let them know that once the trash is collected, it’s city property.

Ilana starts to cry, explaining that she wants to keep the couch because Abbi is moving away. Her nose starts to bleed again. The workers say they understand Ilana wanting to keep her friend’s couch and they help get the couch out of the truck.

Abbi checks her phone and realizes the concert is starting really soon. They’re not sure what do to with the couch. Then Abbi, awkwardly, asks if there’s a world where they can just take the couch to the concert.

Jump to Abbi and Ilana carrying this couch through the streets of New York and onto the subway. Eventually, they get to the concert venue and they find a nearby alley to leave the couch in. To make sure the couch isn’t stolen, Ilana leaves a sign that says it has bed bugs.

As they leave the alley, they take their molly and head to the venue entrance.

When they get to the door, their printed tickets are scanned and declined. The ticket taker says the tickets are invalid. Abbi then says she got them on Craigslist. (Now the ticket taker knows they’re definitely invalid.)

Abbi and Ilana go back to the alley with Abbi apologizing. Ilana says they’ll find a way in, they just need to do it before the molly hits.

Right on cue, the molly starts to hit.

After searching the alley, they see a vent they can climb into. As they lean against ladders, they discuss a crazy plan that involves getting on each other’s shoulders and making ropes out of their clothing. As they start to climb on each other, they finally spot the ladders.

In the vent, they crawl along whispering, using a lighter to light their way. Just then, the air conditioning kicks on and they both scream. When it dies down, Abbi is highly entertained by the fact that the lighter didn’t blow out.

Their conversation bounces all over the place as they trip on molly.

Eventually, they stop moving to talk about dropping down out of the vent and into the audience. Or maybe dropping down right onto the stage.

Ilana offers that they can just go back to the alley. Really, she just doesn’t want to be in the vent anymore.

Back in the alley, Ilana starts playing Lil Wayne on Spotify and the two start dancing in the alley. As they dance, they both start admitting they don’t really know who they are apart from each other. They dance and analyze their friendship and themselves in a truly honest, reflective way. Ilana notes that her nosebleeds are probably a psychosomatic response to losing Abbi.

They both recognize that they’re extremely codependent.

Eventually, they wind up hugging and swaying in the alley, telling each other that this sucks, but it’ll also be great.

Broad City then cuts to them on the subway, still high. Abbi realizes they forgot the couch. Ilana finds it funny, but Abbi is distraught. Ilana says the fact that they finally took the time to talk things out is more important than the couch.

Right then, they both start to come down from their high. They make it back to Abbi’s apartment and both are having a rough time coming down from their high. There’s a lot of screaming, a little puking and Ilana walking around with a cigarette.

Ilana asks where Abbi got the molly. And, of course, she got it off Craigslist.

The next morning, Ilana and Abbi eat and recover on the floor of Abbi’s living room. Abbi says, at 30, she’s too old to be doing this stuff.

Bevers comes in making a ton of noise and holding a wad of cash. He says he sold everything from the stoop sale. Abbi is impressed. They both say they’ll miss each other. As Bevers walks back to his room, Abbi asks if Melanie (you know, her real roommate) knows Abbi is moving out. Bevers says she does.

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As the second to last episode of Broad City ends, we follow Bevers into his room where he sits amongst a pile of Abbi’s stuff. He’s sold nothing. As he thinks about Abbi leaving, he starts to get emotional.

Well, there’s only one episode left before Broad City leaves us forever. How emotional do you think the final episode will be? Will there be any more last appearances from previous guest stars? Or will this episode just be about Abbi and Ilana? Let us know your Broad City thoughts in the comments.