Broad City series finale recap: Broad City


Broad City heads into its final episode ever (yes, I’m sad) facing the impending separation of Abbi and Ilana. It’s a send-off for Abbi and a final goodbye to the show as a whole.

The final episode of Broad City starts with Ilana pounding on Abbi’s door. Abbi has overslept, which means they have to hurry if they want to get to their favorite bodega. It’s Abbi’s last day and they want to get one last bacon, egg and cheese sandwich.

They run through the streets of New York, but when they get to their place, they find it torn down.

They try another bodega. But, by this point, it’s after 11 a.m. and they don’t serve breakfast anymore. Abbi and Ilana try to turn on the charm, but despite their best attempts to flirt with the guy behind the counter, he turns them down.

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As they leave, Ilana tries to shame him and Abbi punts a bag of chips. (Of course, Abbi being Abbi, she feels bad and pays for the chips.)

They try another sandwich shop, but it’s overcrowded with Cornell bros. They leave.

They walk down the streets aimlessly and Ilana says she feels like she failed Abbi by not being able to have this last sandwich. She’s clearly still very emotional about Abbi leaving for Boulder. She can’t even believe that Abbi would go to Boulder. She asks what Boulder has that New York City doesn’t. Abbi points out that they have recreational weed. Ilana has to concede that point.

Just then, Ilana spots a toilet on the side of the street and makes it their new mission for the day to get the toilet back to her apartment. It’s apparently a smart toilet, which makes it special. In then end, it’s just Ilana desperately clinging to something that might make the day special.

Abbi relents and agrees. They try to flag down a cab to get the toilet back to Brooklyn, but the driver decides not to stop for them when he sees them lugging a toilet.

But it just so happens that they’re standing by the Brooklyn Bridge, the same bridge they said they’d walk together some day.

Broad City transitions to them walking across the bridge, having bought an old skateboard to put under the toilet. They talk about how crazy it is that they’ve both walked across the bridge separately, but not together, despite how much time they spend doing things together.

As they talk, Abbi compliments Ilana for going back to school and for her phone wigs idea. She wants them to keep brainstorming ideas after she leaves.

This (thanks to Ilana’s brain) leads them to a discussion about what happens if the apocalypse happens and they’re not together. How will they find each other if the power grid goes down? Ilana advises Abbi to hide some cash somewhere in her dorm room as soon as she gets to Boulder, just in case. The two start planning for the end times—including making sure to remember a LifeStraw so they can drink their own pee.

They also pull up a map and decide that St. Louis would be the perfect place between the two of them to meet, should things go to hell.

Abbi and Ilana pause for a moment to look out over the water. Abbi pulls out a sharpie and writes something on the railing. Ilana jokingly asks if they should jump. Of course, they can’t because they have big dinner plans that night, as Abbi points out.

Then, Abbi admits that she’s really scared to be moving across the country. Ilana, near tears, assures her that they’ll be better for it. Abbi agrees, saying that they’ll still be the same people together, even if they’re in other cities.

Ilana says things may change, but this will still be the most meaningful relationship of her life.

Now fully crying, Ilana says she doesn’t think she can go to the dinner. This was already a goodbye and saying goodbye again would just be too much.

Ilana says Abbi can keep the toilet. She says one last goodbye to her “queen” and runs off. After she leaves, it shows that Abbi wrote “Abbi + Ilana forever” on the railing.

Later, Abbi gets back to her apartment with pizza. She calls for Bevers to come eat with her, but he’s not there. She winds up just sitting and eating on the floor alone. She tries to FaceTime Ilana, but she doesn’t get an answer.

Broad City then jumps forward a bit, Abbi is more comfortable and has put on a face mask for the night. She gets a call from Bevers. He says he was sunbathing nude on the roof and got locked up there. He needs Abbi to bring him his kimono.

Abbi gets to the roof to find a surprise party organized by Ilana. In addition to Bevers, Lincoln, Jaime, and Trey are among the guests at the party.

Ilana apologizes for running away on the bridge, but she had to leave to set up the party. Ilana then takes Abbi back downstairs so she can change into something more party appropriate.

Back at the party after changing, Abbi talks to Trey off to the side. He got her a gift, a rack of free weights. He tells Abbi that she’s special to him. He gets down on one knee, pulls out a ring and proposes.

Stunned, Abbi gently pulls Trey up and says no.

Having failed, Trey says he should leave. Ilana shows up right then and starts to kick him out of the party anyway. Though, as he leaves, Ilana does drop in the fact that they may need to become friends because she doesn’t really have any left.

Next, Abbi takes a minute with Lincoln off to the side. They talk briefly about whether Ilana is going to be ok with all of this. Lincoln goes over to check on her.

After saying that their new platonic friendship allows them to be more honest with each other, Ilana kicks Lincoln out of the party too. She then kicks another woman out.

Meanwhile, Abbi talks to Jaime and they have a brief goodbye. Ilana then joins them and Ilana notes that most of the party guests are random people from Abbi’s apartment building. Ilana then kicks Jaime out too.

This is followed by a montage of Ilana kicking everyone out of the party until it’s just her, Abbi and Bevers. Finally rid of (most) everyone, Ilana slams the rooftop door.

Bevers says he’s going to be staying at his own apartment that night. But first, he has a gift for Abbi. It’s Tupperware with Abbi’s name written on all sides. He says it’s for her to store her cheese, so people will know it’s hers. Bevers is holding back tears as he leaves. (Though, on his way out, he and Ilana confirm plans to hang out.)

Finally alone, Ilana and Abbi turn to look at the skyline.

Later, back in Abbi’s empty room, Abbi records Ilana ranting about different things and people (as she’s wont to do). She records Ilana ranting about Disney and the Kennedys. Abbi says these will come in handing whenever she’s feeling lonely.

This cuts to Abbi sneaking out of the room with her bags as Ilana sleeps. Before she leaves, Abbi stops and leaves her favorite blue dress at Ilana’s side and a post-it note on Ilana’s head.

Abbi takes a long pause at the door before slowly closing it and leaving.

The camera shows the note: “I love you Ilana”

Down on the street, Ilana barely makes it downstairs before Abbi gets in her cab to leave. Ilana is in tears. She gives Abbi a to-go bag for the apocalypse. They hug and tell each other they’re proud of each other. They have a very emotional goodbye, which I will never be able to replicate or justify in text. This is the one time I will ever say that you’ll need to watch the episode.

The cab driver honks at them and they both yell at him until he gets back in the cab. Abbi and Ilana hug one last time and the Abbi goes to get in the cab. Abbi waves from the backseat as the cab pulls away.

Ilana, now alone, turns to go back inside only to realize she’s locked out of Abbi’s apartment building.

To wrap up their final episode ever, Broad City jumps ahead four months to Ilana reading a Freud book. She sees a hairless cat being walked by its owner and, finding it hilarious, she sends a picture to Abbi.

After sending, Ilana calls Abbi and they talk. It’s the first time since…well, the night before. It’s clear that they both still talk all the time. Nothing has changed between them except the distance.

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Ilana heads down into a subway station and Broad City picks up on another pair of friends, talking about their own adventures. Then the camera picks up on another pair and another before slowly zooming out on all the different pairs of friends in the area—all living unique lives where each one is just as interesting as the last.

What did you think of how Broad City ended? How much are you going to miss the show? Let out all of your series finale feelings about Broad City in the comments.