You’re The Worst series finale recap: Pancakes


The tension surrounding the You’re the Worst series finale wedding was finally released like syrup on Pancakes.

Jimmy has verbally eviscerated almost every wedding ceremony he has ever attended on You’re the Worst. In hindsight, his hyper-detailed wedding planning was not an effort to satisfy Gretchen’s every wedding wish from her childhood journal.

No, this vigilance to create a perfect wedding, with every dish served to his exacting standards, is just his insecurity overcompensating so he is spared any of the humiliation he heaped upon others.

Gretchen just wants to be spared from hearing Lindsey’s wedding song celebrating all the men of their past. The cocaine will definitely help counter the excessive drinking, should the ceremonies require such action. Gretchen needs to avoid alcohol more than any other drug, but with cocaine not on Jimmy’s list of bad habits, the dismissing of the couple’s real problems continues.

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Booze does bring certain truths out. Vernon’s trash juice brings out a different kind of honesty. Vernon is finally admitting he sees the attractiveness of not only Gretchen but Gretchen’s mom. Avoiding spiked alcohol will be harder than usual as such a dysfunctional wedding. Becca cannot drink, but is very thirsty in other ways, flaunting her all over squishy feelings to most every guest.

Edgar saw the problems building. Over the years, Jimmy and Gretchen have helped each other ignore the underlying issues that cause both to be insecure. Only with each other, do either feel completely accepting of themselves. Well, that was the case until Gretchen came clean, and Edgar dropped his honest opinions on the relationship.

Jimmy rejected Edgar’s honesty. Gretchen appreciated it slightly, even if she did not immediately respect Edgar’s friendship. Now, everyone in the group hates Edgar though Edgar was the only truly honest friend looking out for everyone’s well being.

Now, Edgar’s words have affected both Jimmy and Gretchen. It took too long for Gretchen to admit she wanted to marry Jimmy. It took Edgar’s honesty to make Jimmy and Gretchen analyze what this marriage would really be, in the future.

Could these two broken individuals form a perfect marriage to last for decades? Jimmy and Gretchen both admit that they have changed a bit since first meeting years ago. How could either make bold proclamations of ever-lasting love in front of dozens of people? Some of those in attendance realize that this relationship is toxic and perhaps the nuptials should be canceled

Jimmy and Gretchen come to this conclusion on the wall lining drive up to the wedding mansion. Instead of alerting the wedding guest, Gretchen wants to know now what. Jimmy suggest pancakes.

While waiting for those pancakes, Jimmy and Gretchen decide that instead of empty promises made through fictional vows they will choose each other every day, in the moment. Why place a marker down at a wedding ceremony when both Jimmy and Gretchen are best doing their own thing, but together. If they were a true couple, they’d have to do their together thing while ignoring their true selves.

The only way to be truly happy is not to force themselves into other’s ideas of happiness. Marriage is not for everyone. A loving home and family is more important than a superficial ceremony. A relationship built on honesty with each other is far more important that the right vows.

There is no need for overdone productions. For Jimmy and Gretchen, life and love are about moving forward together, always working on that daily understanding that both want to be with the other. There will be hard times that challenge Gretchen’s suicidal tendencies. There will be tough choices, like selling their home. In between those moments that truly are The Worst, Jimmy and Gretchen will have each other, and their child.

Jimmy and Gretchen can be the worst in any setting. Together and with an understanding of participatory love, they really are the best for each other, under the terms they set for themselves.

The shackles of actual marriage was too constraining. What is best for one couple, is the worst for another. Lindsey and Paul can thrive in their second marriage. Jimmy and Gretchen are better suited for never constraining themselves with such a frivolous societal expectation.

Jimmy and Gretchen are the worst to some, because they have no filter, constraints, or boundaries. However, it is exactly that cavalier arrangement that makes them both happier than ever before. Finding that comfort level is way more important to a lasting relationship than finding the right florist for a wedding.

The wedding was pressure, forcing the hands of two people who hate being forced into anything with any chance of embarrassment or failure. Waiting for those pancakes, Jimmy and Gretchen found a comfort level and understanding of love that will provide a comfort zone for the rest of their lives.

Or at least until Gretchen steps in front of that train, leaving Jimmy as a single dad trying to move on to the next skirt at a record pace. Jimmy is prone to hyperbole, but never has he gone so far. The most unbelievable thing about You’re the Worst is that Jimmy could ever move on from Gretchen.

Gretchen won’t leave Jimmy either. Gretchen feels more comfortable being herself with Jimmy than she does at any other time. The mistakes of her parents will linger on her psyche, but Jimmy will be there for her, and their child.

The audience did not get the wedding they expected. You’re the Worst provided the best commentary of being the best person you want to be, not some terrible version of a person made from hollow expectations heaped down from family and friends.

Edgar, Gretchen’s mom, and Jimmy’s dad all had their own baggage and tried to find some meaning in that burden to advice Jimmy and Gretchen on their futures. Thankfully, over a plate of pancakes, Jimmy and Gretchen gave all those people and expectations one last brush off and began the life they wanted to make for themselves all along.

Jimmy and Gretchen both came into their relationship as self-avowed lone wolves, impervious to the false notions of a feigned love. They didn’t do relationships as most understood the arrangement. Jimmy and Gretchen did not need to understand the nonsense from the less enlightened.

Jimmy understood Gretchen and loved her for who she was. Gretchen barely loved herself, because she did not know herself. Now, she is comfortable being herself and allowing Jimmy to love her, faults and all.

We should all be so lucky as to find the love You’re the Worst depicts. Many seek a fine wine level of love, but for Jimmy and Gretchen, trash juice is their preferred flavor. They determine their happiness and standards, without care for outside judgment. Jimmy and Gretchen can be brutally honest, to the point of being unnecessarily crass. Some might even yell out to them “You’re the Worst!”

However, Jimmy and Gretchen picked the best option for their mental and physical well being. they had that option and made it work. That the best anyone, or any couple, could ever ask for. Some find that next level of loving comfort at the altar, some while visiting Athens. Jimmy and Gretchen found their peace over pancakes.

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Where ever you find someone accepting and loving, take the chance. Do not worry about anyone else’s opinion, even Edgar’s. Passing up an opportunity for happiness, even in an unorthodox situation, is the biggest mistake to regret of all. Passing up that chance without any effort would surely mean You’re the Worst.

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