Schitt’s Creek: Daniel Levy teases a satisfying ending for beloved series


Schitt’s Creek may be coming to an end but fans will be satisfied with the conclusion.

It feels like the beloved series only began to pick up steam recently when Netflix added all of the seasons to its streaming roster. Despite its growing popularity, Schitt’s Creek will end after season 6. However, co-creator and star Daniel Levy talked about crafting a finale which would leave fans happy to Deadline.

The creative team, made up of father-son duo Eugene and Dan Levy, both commented on how far the show has come when speaking to Deadline. Eugene remarked on the excellent character development for the Rose family, who started out Schitt’s Creek as a wealthy family unable to cope with their new standing in the titular town.

"“That’s the great thing about a good character comedy, which is what we set out to make in the beginning. When your characters are as beautifully developed as these characters you can take the audience for a ride.”"

He also joked that the series would end by revealing “it was all a dream” which is an absurd enough finale that we could see it happening.

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However, Daniel was a bit more serious when it came to addressing how Schitt’s Creek would end. The characters have come too far to wipe away all that character development by making it an elaborate dream sequence.

"“You want to give the fans everything they want, and you also want to give the fans everything they want and I think in the final series of a show it’s about marrying those two expectations.”"

In the interview with Deadline, Daniel also addressed what it was like to be in charge of his dad. While the two are co-creators and stars of Schitt’s Creek, Daniel also serves as a showrunner. While it could be a little awkward to be in charge of your own father, Daniel doesn’t seem to see it that way. Instead, he spoke about the pride he has when scenes come together and the ability to create great comedy with people he cares about.

He also reflected on how the series has been able to address bigger issues as well as making people laugh.

"“There will be times that are slightly more emotional or slightly darker. There will be humor in that. There will be tears in that. There will be joy in that. We had a director who came on a couple of seasons ago and he described the show as ‘breaking good’. When you’re trying to bring out the best in people, you’re going to get a really lovely blend of comedy and sentimentality, and it’s just riding that wave and never getting too heavy-handed when it comes to the emotional side of the show.”"

While the Levys might be the creative force behind the series, there’s no denying that the rest of the cast is equally responsible for making the show great. The younger Levy acknowledged his onscreen mother, Catherine O’Hara, and her incredible comedic ability. This season has also flaunted Annie Murphy’s talent as well, with her character’s song “A Little Bit Alexis” actually charting on iTunes. Emily Hampshire has always served as a strong straight man to the absurdity within the town while Chris Elliott and Jenn Robertson add humanity to characters which could’ve just been one-dimensional jokes.

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Schitt’s Creek is currently airing its fifth season on the Pop TV network on Wednesday nights at 10 PM. The series has already begun production on the final season which hopefully means fans won’t have to wait a while to see the finale. How would you like the show to end? Be sure to tell us in the comment section below!

Source: Deadline