Dead to Me season 1 episode 6 recap: Oh My God


Jen and Judy are back from their mini-vacation and there is plenty of trouble on the home front for Jen to deal with. Things are going to get much worse before they get better for the women of Dead to Me.

This episode of Dead to Me opens with Jen and Judy visiting the site where Ted’s body was found and meeting up with Nick.

At the site, people have placed a cross and other items to memorialize what happened. Finding the cross presumptuous, because she’s not religious, Jen takes it down. Judy, not wanting to temp any god there may be, winds up keeping the cross.

Anyway, Nick asks a bunch of standard questions, but essentially comes away with very little information. The one good thing that he offers is to talk to the local police for Jen. She’s been, let’s say, not the nicest to them. So they’ve been shutting her out. Nick suggests that they might be more open about details of the case with a fellow officer.

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(Nick and Judy do go talk to the police. It’s not helpful. With no evidence and no witnesses, there’s an eight percent chance of catching the killer.)

During the conversation Jen also mentions that a 9-year-old girl in Henry’s class was the one who found Ted’s body on her way to school.

Judy is horrified at the thought that she may have traumatized this little girl forever (you know, in addition to killing a man). Nick then asks how Jen’s kids are doing. She says they’re doing surprisingly well.

Dead to Me then cuts hard to Jen and Charlie meeting with Charlie’s principal.

Charlie has been selling pills to his fellow students. Jen is furious and it only gets worse when the principal tells her that a student, who was on the drugs Charlie sold him, drove a car into his parents’ greenhouse. So, the parents decided not to press charges, but Jen is going to have to pay to fix their greenhouse.

Jen is in over her head. Ted had always been the hands-on parent who dealt with teachers and handed out punishments. Charlie is suspended from school for two weeks, but Jen knows the punishment needs to be more than that.

The principal suggests having him attend Pastor Wayne’s grief group for teens. Jen scoffs at the idea, saying she doesn’t want to torture him.

Instead, she gives him an at-home drug test (which comes back clean). She also finds where Charlie had gotten the pills he was selling: Ted’s medicine cabinet. It doesn’t seem like Jen had any idea Ted had been on all of the medication he was on (at least four different medications).

Jen, fed up with how little Charlie cares about how irresponsible and dangerous his actions were, decides to teach him a lesson with the help of Judy.

But first, they attend Henry’s school choir concert. Things are going well until Henry erupts in anger at other students on stage who made a mistake during their song. He yells and then storms off the stage. After the show, Henry’s teacher tells Jen that this isn’t the first time. But she didn’t tell Jen because Ted had always been the person she went to with these matters.

Elsewhere at the school, Judy tracks down Shandy, the girl who found Ted’s body.

Shandy is a very morbid little girl who describes the scene in great detail. Judy gently prods her to see if she saw anything else, but she says she didn’t. Then, Shandy’s mom, Ally, comes over takes Shandy away.

Back home, Jen tries to explain to Henry that he can’t just yell at people like that. He tries to say that they weren’t doing simple music things correctly and they kept making mistakes. But Jen points out that, in the eyes of everyone there, he’s the only one who made a mistake.

Before the conversation can go much further, a police car pulls up. Nick is pounding on the door calling for Charlie. Judy and Jen had arranged for him to come scare Nick about selling drugs. But things get real when Nick searches Charlie’s backpack and finds a loaded gun with the safety off.

Charlie stole it  (who is also responsible for the gun in Ted’s safe). Nick, with an obvious “go ahead” from Jen, tears into Charlie about how dangerous his actions were.

Charlie crumbles and cries into his mothers arms. He says he just wanted it in case something happened.

After Jen takes Charlie away, Nick confesses that a similar situation is what got his best friend killed. Judy comforts him and the two make plans to go on a date as Nick leaves to get rid of the gun.

Later, Jen and Judy sit down with a glass of wine. Jen is exasperated, not knowing what she can do to make her son feel safe—which, to her, seems like it should be basic parenting. Jen winds up enlisting help, taking Charlie to Pastor Wayne’s teen group and letting Henry join Christopher’s church’s children’s choir. They’re really the only group of kids who seem to impress Henry with their musical abilities.

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Judy meanwhile goes on a casual date with Nick and she can’t stop talking about Ted’s murder. Nick explains that the case is pretty hopeless: no car, no crime. There’s just nothing for them to go on.

That is until Ally and Shandy show up one night holding a piece of a headlight that was stuck to Ted’s body. Apparently Shandy, that very disturbed little girl, had taken it off the body and kept it. Judy immediately begins to panic.

This episode of Dead to Me ends with Judy going to check the storage unit where the car is hidden. When she gets there, though, she opens the door and the car is gone.

Where is the car? Is Steve about to turn Judy in? Let us know all of your thoughts about Dead to Me in the comments!