Dead to Me season 1 episode 7 recap: I Can Handle It


Judy thinks she’s in the clear after dealing with Steve and the car while Jen spends a whole day in a tail spin in this episode of Dead to Me.

This episode of Dead to Me starts with Jen storming into the police station with Nick at her side.

Jen slams the piece of the car that hit Ted down on the table and demands to see Ted’s file and all the info the police have on his case. She has the right to, but the detective in charge of the case warns her against it. Jen is insistent, so the detective hands it over.

The detective was right, the photos of the crime scene and Ted’s body (especially if you think about Shandy’s disturbing description) are too much for Jen to handle. She runs out of the station, holding back tears. In her car she tries to call Judy for support, but doesn’t get an answer.

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That’s because Judy has found out where the car is.

Steve had taken the car from the storage unit to his mother’s house (while she’s away) to start dismantling it. The plan is to strip the car down and distribute parts to multiple junk yards in Mexico.

No car, no crime.

Judy likes the plan, but not the pace at which Steve is getting it done. She talks him into skipping the rest of his day at work to work with her to get the car fully taken care of.

She’s been seeing Jen’s calls, by the way, just ignoring them because she’s afraid Jen has figured everything out. She and Jen are both convinced the police have a scanner they can just pop the piece of car into that’ll tell them everything. That scanner does not exist.

Meanwhile, without Judy to support her, Jen is spiraling.

Jen tries to go to a showing for work, but is a shell of herself. Eventually, she breaks down, starts crying, and yells at the clients looking to buy the home she and Christopher are showing. Thankfully, the clients understand and take it in stride, but Cristopher has had it.

After the clients leave, Christopher lays out the facts. Jen has been scaring away clients with her anger problems and it’s not just since Ted died. It has been years. Christopher is at his breaking point and decides that the two of them should end their professional relationship. He says he still cares about and prays for Jen, but she’s a business liability.

Jen is really desperate to find Judy now. She goes by the nursing home and finds out that Judy called in sick that day. Jen doesn’t believe it and thinks Judy could be with Steve.

Back at Steve’s mom’s house, Judy and Steve work and joke around and reminisce about the good times they used to have together. Then, after they’re done working, they have some tequila and lament the fact that things didn’t go differently between them. As they talk, they flirt and wind up hooking up, despite Judy saying she’s seeing someone else.

Later, Steve gets in the rented truck to drive their now junked car to Mexico.

As Judy says goodbye to him, Steve confesses that he lied to Judy. She had asks if he had taken a rock from the Petrified Forest in Arizona, because apparently taking from there gives you really bad luck. People have even sent rocks back because it gave them bad luck. While he said he didn’t, he now admits that he did steal one. After all, Steve doesn’t believe that nonsense. Judy, however, definitely does.

That night, back at Jen’s house, Nick stops by to check in on Jen (but really to see Judy, who still isn’t there).

Jen invites him in and the two talk. Nick mentions that he noticed that Ted was wearing Vans and not running shoes when he was hit. Jen says he did that to toughen up the soles of his feet. But then she ushers Nick out quickly, though it’s not clear if that’s because she doesn’t want to talk about Ted or if it’s because she now thinks that maybe Ted wasn’t really out for a run.

Jen winds up out by the pool when she hears Judy come back.

Jen is furious, pointing out that the last time someone didn’t call/text her back, it was because he was dead. Not to mention that she can’t believe Judy was with Steve, again. In the end, Jen is just hurt because Judy wasn’t there when she needed her. So, when Judy tries to apologize and ask about what happened at the police station, Jen says she doesn’t want to talk about it and heads to bed.

During a montage showing the two women spending their nights apart, Dead to Me shows Jen looking at Ted’s part of the closet which has multiple pairs of running shoes.

The next morning, Jen is in a much better mood because Nick says the police have been able to find the make and model of the car that hit Ted and he’s getting Jen a list of the owners. (Chances are, Steve’s name will be on that list, since he bought the car for Judy.)

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Judy feigns excitement before pointing out that, you know, maybe the person who owned the car would have gotten rid of it by now.

Jen disagrees, saying that getting rid of the car would probably make the person look suspicious. Jen says it’s the worst possible thing the person could do because the police would still know who owned the car and the person who no longer had it would look super guilty.

This episode of Dead to Me ends with Jen leaving the room and Judy fully panicking, including throwing up in the sink.

How much trouble is Judy in for Steve’s dumb plan? Where was Ted actually going the night he got hit? Let us know your thoughts on Dead to Me in the comments!