Dead to Me season 1 episode 8 recap: Try To Stop Me


The walls are closing in around Judy as Jen starts tracking down people who may have killed her husband. Dead to Me also gives Judy another big surprise.

Dead to Me opens this episode with Jen, Judy and Nick driving around town tracking down people on a list of over 200 people who own the kind of car that hit Ted (a ’66 Mustang). Just this small amount of detective work has Nick perked up and Jen thinking they’ll finally find the killer. This, of course, is panic inducing for Judy.

In fact, Judy winds up fainting and needing to be taken home.

Jen has to run off to pick up Charlie, but before she goes, Nick informs her that a friend of his crosschecked their list with a list of DUIs and there’s someone with multiple DUIs who lives in the area where Ted was hit and owns the right kind of car. Despite being warned against getting excited, Jen is psyched.

Nick is left to take care of Judy, who is exhibiting all the signs of either the flu or pregnancy. Nick assumes it’s the flu (since he and Judy haven’t had sex yet), but Judy knows that she recently had sex with Steve the night they got rid of the car.

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Doing the right thing, Judy confesses to Nick that she still has feelings for Steve and he’s come back into the picture for her. Nick, disappointed, leaves.

Elsewhere, Jen is tracking down Nick’s lead of the guy with DUIs and the Mustang. She puts on an act like she’s interested in selling his house to gain trust and get a look around. At first she’s suspicious of him because he doesn’t want to show her the garage (it’s also his woodworking shop, so it’s dirty. Unfortunately, though, she learns that the guy has been putting the Mustang together and has never driven it—it doesn’t even have an engine.

As Jen tries to leave the guy’s house, he makes a move on her, so she hits him in the nose.

Meanwhile, Judy rushes into Steve’s office to tell him the good news: she’s single again and pregnant. But, while Judy thinks this is a sign she and Steve should get back together, Steve doesn’t want to go through a possible sixth miscarriage.

In fact, Steve suggests (well, implies) that Judy should just get an abortion now to save herself the trauma later.

As if that wasn’t enough to make you hate Steve, in comes another woman who Steve is apparently dating now. Huge blows to Judy. Judy is so hurt that she decides to not tell Steve that she saw TKG Arts on Nick’s list as a business linked to ’66 Mustang owners. (It’s implied that this listing is what connects the list to Steve and Judy, though not explicitly explained.)

Back home, Judy finally takes a pregnancy test (yeah, she rushed to tell Steve before checking).

As she waits for the results, Judy promises Jen that she’ll never go back to Steve again. They also make a pact to be a mothering team. Unfortunately, the test turns out to be negative and Judy is devastated.

Since she’s not pregnant, Judy has a drink by the pool with Jen while Jen tells her about her experience at the Mustang owner’s house. Jen promises to not go to strangers’ houses alone anymore because it’s dangers.

Well, also because Detective Perez threatened to throw her in jail if she kept doing it.

Judy cautions Jen against thinking that finding the person responsible will make her happy. Jen agrees, she just wanted to have hope for a few minutes in this hopeless situation.

Speaking of a few minutes of hope: Later, Judy looks at the pregnancy test again and now it’s showing positive. She and Jen are ecstatic. Dead to Me then abruptly cuts to a doctor informing Judy that no, she’s not actually pregnant.

In fact, the doctor says, because of Judy’s estrogen levels, it’d be impossible for her to get pregnant. The test is just prone to showing false positives when left out too long.

The symptoms she’s been exhibiting were not pregnancy and weren’t even the flu. According to the doctor, she’s showing early signs of menopause. Judy’s face drops.

In the waiting room, Jen calls Nick to give him the news that Detective Perez told her to stop investigating people. Nick says he understands. As they talk, Nick walks up to an art gallery that is displaying a painting by Judy.

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He doesn’t have a chance to say anything to Jen because Jen has to hang up. Judy tells Jen that she’s not pregnant and cries into Jen’s arms.

This episode of Dead to Me ends with Nick in front of TKG Arts, a gallery where only Judy’s work seems to be in the windows. Nick immediately becomes suspicious and may be putting the pieces together.

What happens first: does Judy confess or does Nick put the pieces together? Let us know your thoughts on Dead to Me in the comments.