Brockmire season 3, episode 6 recap: Gabby gets Placed on Waivers, and Pregnant


IFC’s Brockmire goes the distance in changing broadcasting standards for the rest of time, or until Gabby goes on maternal leave during the playoffs.

Gabby (Tawny Newsome) and Brockmire (Hank Azaria), superstars on value contracts in the broadcasting world. Brockmire kept the humor while losing the bottle, but has his triggers. However, Gabby has been Placed on Waivers the same day she learns of her pregnancy. This situation could have been more toxic to the booth than The Yips. 

Gabby going and getting preggers was a shock to both her girlfriend and Brockmire. It is a shock to Gabby that she’s been in a dead-end relationship for a long time, perhaps for the entirety of the relationship. Gabby did not think through the decision to get pregnant at all.

Sure, he has the name down wonderfully. April, the start of the season. However, this is the start of spring training. Gabby could be mid to late third trimester during the World Series. Brockmire cannot go into the late innings without his partner in the booth. They’ve just found their rhythm and might have changed how baseball broadcasting is approached for the rest of time.

Brockmire was fired when describing on live air his experience walking in Lucy Lucying, Gabby’s insight into her problems was broadcasting gold. A sober Brockmire is able to snake through the game with his quips, but it’s his actually caring about Gabby that carries the weight of the conversation.

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Gabby’s approach and ability to not divulge too much information kept the conversation from getting out of hand. Brockmire cares, but he also has the experiences to colorfully inform where those lessons come from.  For example:

"…my anger took me on a road trip through every dive and brothel in in Southeast Asia. The only reason my anger didn’t kill me was I picked up a tapeworm in Myanmar that acted as a kinda intestinal Brita filter. Poor thing tapped out after six straight years of nothing but snake whiskey, quaaludes, and chicken feet. Let me tell you something, that is a bowel movement that you do not soon forget. Brenley settles into the box now…"

At least Gabby did not make the same mistake as drunken Jim Brockmire and a possibly sober Hannibal Burress. She did not use her the real name of the now ex-lover. She did not get uncivilly graphic in detail. She did break down into a mini-depression, but that just shows there was love there, according to Brockmire’s lady of the week.

Brockmire has a new love interest who obviously has never been pregnant or Panda Express. There was no up-charged walnut shrimp dish either, which, shame on everyone, including Panda. There’s a baby to think of, and depressing levels of junk food. Retirement from the playing days has its advantages.

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Finding out you are newly pregnant and newly single on the same day has its disadvantages. The new paradigm changing broadcast team might have Gus perplexed, but fans engaged. Perhaps Brockmire will lure in his podcast fans to baseball after all.

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