Netflix’s Dark season 2, episode 7 recap: The White Devil


One day before the apocalypse and we find out just what part Claudia Tiedemann plays in the events in the second season of Dark.

In the previous episode of Dark, Jonas Kahnwald had returned to the future in the hopes of breaking the cycle. But his older self, Adam, had lied to him, and Jonas inadvertently caused events to unfold as they always have.


Clausen has discovered something about Aleksander Tiedemann’s past. He shows Aleksander his ID, which states that he should be two inches taller than he actually is. Clausen then threatens to arrest Aleksander for identity theft.

In the interrogation room, Clausen reveals that his brother also disappeared in 1986 – without a trace like Mads Nielsen. His brother’s name was Aleksander Köhler. There are 700 people with the name, and Clausen’s search has been like looking for a needle in a haystack. But a few months ago, a mysterious letter pointed him to Winden. Clausen thought he’d found his man, but Aleksander Tiedemann is definitely not his brother.

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Claudia and Egon

Old Claudia Tiedemann’s body is in the morgue in 1954. Egon recognizes her as the strange woman who had come by his office on the day that Helge Doppler returned. His colleagues believe she may have had a hand in the boy’s attack and order Egon to investigate.

Egon shows Helge the picture of dead Claudia, and though Helge hasn’t seen her in person, he had been told about ‘the White Devil’. Helge warns Egon that she wants to kill them all. Egon tries to allay the boy’s fear by reiterating that Claudia is dead. To which Helge replies that she hasn’t even begun yet.

In 1987, Claudia is terrified of her father dying on this day. She decides to stick to him like glue. While she accompanies him for his chemo treatment, Egon tells her that time travel is real and it has to do with Mads Nielsen and Helge Doppler.

Egon obsessively talks about Ulrich – young and old – and how he wanted to run to the caves. Egon seemingly wants to investigate the caves to confirm his time travel theory, but Claudia won’t let him. When he keeps on insisting, father and daughter get into a fight and Claudia accidentally pushes her father, causing him to hit his head. In a panic, Claudia tries to save her father before remembering that her older self had warned her that some sacrifices would need to be made so that Regina lived. Egon’s dying words are that his daughter is ‘The White Devil’.

Jonas and Martha

Hannah Kahnwald steals Jonas’ time machine to travel back to 1954. Jonas wakes up and finds his mother gone, and then he has an unexpected visitor. Martha comes knocking and Jonas can’t help but reveal who he is. Martha knew that Jonas had returned, but the Stranger is not what she expected.

Martha is delighted to have Jonas back and to her, it’s obvious who he is. But their reunion is interrupted by Katharina. She breaks into the house and seeing Martha with Jonas, she gives her daughter all the details. Martha is biologically Jonas’ aunt and Katharina doesn’t want him anywhere near her daughter. Katharina is after the time machine, but when Jonas tells her that Hannah has taken it, Martha divulges that Magnus has one as well.

Meanwhile, Noah told Charlotte Doppler that the world will end in a day – only those enclosed in the bunker will survive. This should be good news, but when the Doppler children, along with Magnus, show their parents the Bartosz’s time machine, Franziska Doppler becomes angry because her parents have known about the time travel stuff for a while.

Magnus interrupts the conversation when Martha calls him telling him about Jonas’ return. The Neilsens want to go back in time to bring their missing family members back, but first they need to figure out how to work the time machine.

Hannah in 1954

Hannah has gone to 1954 to find Ulrich. She asks Egon to take her to him pretending to be his wife Katharina Nielsen, but Ulrich is in a psychiatric facility, so it isn’t that easy. He takes her to the facility and Ulrich is brought out in a straight jacket.

Ulrich can’t believe it’s really Hannah, and he asks after his wife and children. Something goes off in Hannah – she recalls Katharina telling her in a previous episode of Dark that Ulrich would never leave his family for her. Hannah asks him to choose between the two women in his life. Desperate to be free, Ulrich mouths all the right words; as soon as he’s out, he’ll leave Katharina for Hannah, and tells Hannah that he loves her. But they’re empty words and Hannah sees through them. She walks away, telling Egon that she was mistaken about the man being her husband. Ulrich is dragged away, left to spend the rest of his life in this hellhole.

Having confronted Ulrich about his feelings for her seems to have lifted a weight off Hannah. She casually shares a cigarette with Egon, who asks about her surname. Nielsen is an uncommon name, and the only other person he knows with that name is Agnes Nielsen, the woman who Egon rightly suspects is having an affair with his wife. Hannah explains that she lost everything from the place she came from; now she’s looking for a fresh start. Is Hannah planning to stick around in 1954?

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The penultimate episode of Dark season two ends with Claudia in 1987 returning to an empty apartment and breaking down over killing her father. Suddenly a figure appears in her doorway – it’s Jonas. He’s been sent by Claudia’s older self. Older Claudia has a message for her younger version: she knows what she did, but things don’t have to play out the same way again. Next time they’ll change these events. Right now, Jonas has to take Claudia to the future.