Report: True Detective Cast Adds Three More


This post contains potential spoilers for season two!

It’s almost amazing how much the cast of True Detective is still expanding, a supposed month and some away from the premiere date of season two. Deadline is reporting that three more have joined up with True Detective at this late date: Emily Rios (The Birdge,) Ronnie Gene Blevins (Kingdom) and Timothy V. Murphy (Sons of Anarchy.)

Rios will play Gabby Behenna, a woman who, as Deadline succinctly puts it, is “traumatized by life in a traumatic family.” So, yeah, dramatic. That one may not go so well considering True Detective’s dark bent. Also, that’s a lot of trauma. Belvin will play a company man associated with Vince Vaughn, and Murphy will play Osip Agranov, a Russian gangster.

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It’s worth noting that Deadline only lists Murphy’s commitment as the first episode of season two, so don’t expect him to hang around. True Detective is already in the middle of  filming, but that hasn’t stopped the cast from seemingly expanding at least once a week.

It’s nice to see some alums from The Bridge, which has unfortunately been canceled, and Sons of Anarchy. At this rate it’s impossible to say whether the cast will keep adding players and whether or not this will have any effect on the January premiere date. The totally unofficial January premiere, that is.

Source: Deadline

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