This Week in True Detective: Two Episodes Left Edition


This Week in True Detective is a feature that aims to bring you the best True Detective happenings of the week. This could include breaking news, popular articles, or anything else that people found interesting or may have missed.

This Week in True Detective has been around for a while, hasn’t it? That’s why we thought it was time to shake things up a bit. Today marks the first edition of This Week in True Detective in a new fancy format. Don’t be scared though, all the juicy True Detective content that you’ve come to expect will still be here.

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Let’s start off with our review of last Sunday’s episode, “A Church in Ruins.” While there were some questionable moments, the second half of True Detective season two continues to be strong. There still is, however, some worry that Nic Pizzolatto won’t be able to wrap it all up. In case a reminder is needed as to just how many plot points there are to keep track of, check out some you may have missed from last week’s episode.

And of course you can’t forget about just what the hell went on with Ben Caspere.

There are only two episodes of True Detective left, as the preview for this Sunday’s episode keeps saying. That also means that we get to hear Leonard Cohen’s opener two more times, which we found sits very well with True Detective fans despite what rumblings around the internet we may have heard. There are also two more chances for Pizzolatto to work in yet another Twin Peaks homage, and he’s just crazy enough to do it.

In a strange yet welcome move, True Detective opened up a bit on HBO Connect. You can ask Lynda Reiss, True Detective’s head of props questions. If you haven’t already we encourage you to reach out. Considering how private a production True Detective is, this might be your only shot to engage with the people behind the scenes. HBO also posted a Colin Farrell interview cut up into memes, in a move that somehow seems hostile.

Finally, HBO head Michael Lombardo put his support behind True Detective season two and Nic Pizzolatto at the TCA press tour. True Detective hasn’t been confirmed for a third season, but HBO are very interested in doing one.

And there you have it. We can be reached on Facebook and Twitter to chat about True Detective all weekend, and you can meet us back here tomorrow night after the new episode.

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