Lera Lynn Talks True Detective with Rolling Stone


We didn’t see much of Lera Lynn in the last few episodes of True Detective, but the final time we do is perhaps the most poignant. We see Lynn, first practicing alone in the bar that Ray and Frank frequent, and then again packing up and leaving. It’s a way to bring the second season of True Detective to a close, and subtlety adds some emotional weight to the proceedings.

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Lera Lynn became a fan-favorite, and her presence on True Detective was unique. In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Lynn talks about her time on True Detective and what it has meant to her. Even though she says she’s okay with people going to her shows expecting hear songs like “This is My Least Favorite Life,” she also says that there is more to her than that:

"“…I will be happy to show people I am not always that sad, and there are other feelings to experience in my shows.”"

Lynn also says that she was under the same level of security as anyone else involved with True Detective and wasn’t actually allowed to see a script. Considering that it’s frustrating for fans to be kept in the dark by HBO, this must have been somewhat worse. Even though she’s not anticipating writing in that same stark way in the future, she does allow that some of True Detective has seeped into her writing:

"“It showed that people will respond to slower, darker music…Not to say that the next record will stylistically reflect the music I have done [for the show] necessarily, but I think it allowed me to dabble in a darker direction without fear.”"

And True Detective is nothing if not dark. Lera Lynn also hopes to continue working on soundtracks in the future, though there’s no mention of whether or not there will be more collaborations with T. Bone Burnett. You can read the entire interview over at Rolling Stone, though it’s not as in-depth as other interviews that she’s done.

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